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'Somehow' -- My Attempt At An Old School Elton John Song

I really like the song “Someone Saved My Life Tonight.” So, this is my effort to write something like it. It’s just a rough draft, but it gives you some sense of what I want to do with the song. 153 more words


'Goodbye, I Love You' -- A Homage To Meatloaf's 'Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad'

This is a really rough draft of a song about a woman who finally leaves a guy after years of threatening to do so. That’s the story I’m trying tell, at least. 282 more words


Venus (v2.0): A Homage To Pearl Jam's 'Black'

This is my attempt to write a song similar to Pearl Jam’s “Black.” This is a tough song to write for a number of reasons. I noticed studying Black that there wasn’t a traditional chorus. 259 more words


"I Want to Know What Love Is", Foreigner

This song will always remind me of Miami Vice.  I was in 6th grade and spending a Friday night at my friend Tammy’s house.  She was totally in love with Don Johnson, as were many red-blooded American females in 1985.  218 more words


27 Days of Old School: #13 "Alone" (by Heart)

“How do I get you alone”

Early last year I posted one of my favorite songs from my youth and it was by the band Heart. 139 more words