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'Escape' -- A Rock Power Ballad #NoriMusic #Lyrics (1st Draft)

This is an example of me knowing I have a good song on my hands, but I don’t know enough about putting words to music to know exactly how to say what I want to say. 262 more words


'Will You Be My Girlfriend?' -- A Much Needed Power Ballad

This would be a rock power ballad sung at about the same speed as Blink 182’s “I Miss You.” There is some elaboration that obviously needs to be done to this song, but the general story holds up pretty well. 278 more words


'Waist' -- A Power Ballad In The Style Of Green Day For Miley Cyrus

This would be a pop-rock power ballad for someone like Miley Cyrus. It would have a strong guitar and be sung slowly. I like how you can bounce back and forth between “waist” and “waste” in a song like this. 333 more words


'Flowers On The Subway' -- A Power Ballad

This is pretty much my attempt to write a Guns & Roses power ballad. I don’t know how successful I was. This is just a first draft… 259 more words


'Exit Interview' -- Another Break Up Song, For Sinead O'Connor

This is yet another attempt at a breakup song. It would be a slow power ballad. Don’t really have a hook, but I could probably think one up if someone took it seriously. 168 more words


'Black Friday' -- For Sam Smith In The Style Of Old School Elton John

This is supposed to be a slow, soulful song that mixes the vibe of Stay With Me with the grandiose storytelling of Someone Saved My Life Tonight. 317 more words


Song of the Day: I'll See You In My Dreams by Giant

I’ll See You In My Dreams

Gone, the voice that used to fill the room is all but gone
An echo of a perfect love that ended wrong… 213 more words

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