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My loathing of alarms will never be abated. Alarm clocks, smoke alarms, the fire alarm at work, the oven timer. However, it is the domestic burglar alarm that I hate with a passion, which, if harnessed, would be enough to provide power to my sleepy locale until the end of days. 807 more words


Fading Daylight

Into the second day of power cuts, I sat in my living room watching daylight gradually fade into darkness. The boys had gone to bed armed with torches and lanterns, whereas I had gathered every available candle (which turned out to be a lot!) to light the lounge. 296 more words



That’s pronounce jib-in if you were wondering…. Excuse the less than quality photos.. Tom took them. Anyway, gib is going up. Stoked. Not so stoked that the guys can only do as much gibbing as the batteries on their drills allow them. 10 more words


When you arrive in a new city, in as much as you need to find friends, it is my staunch belief that you have not truly found your groove until you’ve made your first enemy. 839 more words

Beirut Bloopers

Winter preparations

Yes, I know it’s only just turned September.  And yes, I know most people don’t want to think about the forthcoming bad weather.  But I promise what I’m saying makes sense, if you hear me out….. 468 more words

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Chichester Headlines

Note: Please read my post entitled ‘Adventures in Chichester’ for the reasoning behind this blog.

Friday Morning – Sun Shines (A Bit)

At approximately 7.16am this morning the sky was mostly blue (or grey) with some signs of the sun just above the horizon. 269 more words