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Storm Prep

In light of the blizzard heading our way slowly but surely, I spent yesterday evening and this morning gently pottering around getting the house and all its inhabitants as ready as can be for it. 923 more words


Darkness Descends, and the Bungalow is closed. By Fleur

The lights go, darkness descends as the primeval  wind whips round the house and the sleet bashes down on the windows.   English weather, for which our houses are not prepared.  447 more words


What to do when your Power goes Out

The winter season often bring storms that can cause tree limbs to fall onto power lines. Sometimes the extent of the damage is severe enough to cause power outages that last for days. 388 more words


DryDrayton.net Village E-Mail 16th Dec 14

Delays to Super-Fast Broadband in Dry Drayton

Sorry, but the latest news is not as we had hoped. The last thing we heard was that Dec 2014 was likely go-live for Dry Drayton. 564 more words

Day Three of Life in the Sun.

This jet lag is awful, the first night I went to bed at 8 .30 pm , though I don’t think that’s too bad when you consider I had been up nearly 24 hours and in England it was 4.30 in the morning. 455 more words

Thoughts Of Puzzled Mind.

Oh Eskom...

It seems as though the country is up in arms about the recent spate of scheduled and rolling blackouts we have experienced from electricity giant Eskom. 606 more words

Load shedding

Anyone who was a child in the 1970’s in the UK will remember playing board games by candlelight, sitting in the front room covered in blankets, using a camping stove if you were lucky to boil water or cook beans, telling ghost stories and making scary faces with torches. 244 more words

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