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Why Barack Obama's Power Grab Matters

Politicos in Washington don’t care about process. To their mind, whatever it takes to achieve the goal is acceptable. To their mind, the only thing that matters is the political “win.” 256 more words


Skewered! ‘SNL’ uses ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ parody in damning indictment of amnesty by executive order

Saturday Night Live” used a spoof of the old “Schoolhouse Rock” cartoons to skewer President Obama’s executive order legalizing millions of illegal immigrants Thursday for the power grab that it was. 12 more words


The New Obama Power Structure in Washington

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Barbed Wire) – With President Obama announcing his amnesty program this week, and by doing so promoting himself to Emperor status, here is a look at the new structure of government in the Estados Unidos de America. 290 more words


Stunning Admission from Charter Yes!

As this blog and others have been saying, the Home Rule Charter has absolutely nothing to do with any so-called “Good Governance,” but is wholly about Commissioner Madore, now admitted to in Charter Yes latest ad… 44 more words

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