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Tree falls on car

MASON CITY, Iowa – Residents in a Mason City neighborhood’s Labor day Holiday started off with a bang,but probably not the kind they had hoped for. 155 more words


Downed Power Lines Cause Blackout, Delays in Deliveries

TAYLOR — An all-around productive morning at the Stauffer Industrial Park in Taylor came to a halt when a Lackawanna County road worker patching potholes drove a dump truck with the bed still up and took down power lines. 210 more words


Sewer Explosion Sends Manhole Covers Flying in Sauget

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) – Officials in a small town in southwestern Illinois town are trying to figure out what caused a sewer explosion that sent manhole covers flying so high they damaged power lines. 158 more words


Photos: Truck hits NN power lines

A moving truck pulled down power lines on Morris Drive in Newport News Aug. 21, 2014, knocking out power to a dozen customers.

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Halifax working with Nova Scotia Power to clear trees near power lines

HALIFAX – A Halifax city planner says the municipality is actively working with Nova Scotia Power to prune trees near power lines.

In a report filed Tuesday on its response to post-tropical storm Arthur, the utility said too many roadside trees in communities were partly to blame in hindering efforts to restore power. 97 more words


Safe distance and power lines. What distance is safe for that home you want to purchase?

EMF Radiation from living close to power lines

Electrical poles and power lines are part of modern life. But let’s take a closer look at them. 324 more words