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The Hug of the Century

Thanks, G!

A woman found a badly injured lion in the forest. She took it with her and nursed it back to health. When it was better, she made arrangements with a zoo to take the lion and give it a new and happy home. 42 more words

Animal Communication

Whose will be done?

I have a privileged life. I live a privileged life. Many who know me, and who know some of my life story, would think that I am mad and deluded for thinking that. 936 more words


The Dark Side

One of my daughters has practiced the art of painting for a number of years. The most recent series of paintings have been quite dark, and when she asked me if I liked a particular painting, I said, frankly no, it was so dark and depressing. 393 more words

The Power of Love

Love has its mysterious ways of being fulfilled. All of us seek fulfillment in some form or other. Some seek it in relationships; others seek it in power, name, fame or making money. 558 more words

Power Of Love

SMM Quotes - 157

“By raising children, a woman is able to understand God. When a woman understands the significance and value of her husband and then they have a child, their relationship establishes the vertical relationship. 39 more words

Sun Myung Moon

There goes another angel – flying high into those wild beautiful skies – or maybe to some faraway realm. Mork would probably have liked that. 63 more words

Our World

The Power of Love

A great man once said, “the power of love is a curious thing”.  Well, alright, it was 80’s pop sensation Huey Lewis & The News… but the sentiment still holds true. 523 more words