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Sydney siege, news of school children in Pakistan, news of children’s bodies in Cairns. It seems that the tide of violence is coming more and more to our attention. 483 more words


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Make Love Your Goal

A feeling of desolation slowly creeps up on me as I feel that oh so familiar twinge of uncertainty gnawing at the edges of my consciousness. 532 more words

Dose Of Vitamin Love

Conservatives to hunt the deficit on horses with dogs

David Cameron has pledged to reduce the deficit at all costs even if it means hunting it down on horses with a huge pack of beagles. 189 more words


Is Love the God Particle?

I just saw Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar and, while much of the buzz out there is about the “hard SF” and how real the science (of black holes and theoretical worm holes) was imagined via astrophysicist Kip Thorne and visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin, what got my attention was the theme of the film, reflected best by the polarizing speech delivered by Amelia Brand (played by Anne Hathaway and provided below in full). 726 more words

Book Excerpt

There's a reason they're called EXES

Because I love someone deeply I must share. I watched her become truly burdened and disturbed today, and I am hurting along with her, although she may not completely perceive it. 235 more words

The Velveteen Rabbit: Picture Book About Love and Transformation

Williams, Margery. The Velveteen Rabbit. 40 p. New York: Doubleday & Co. 1922.

On the surface, this book appears as simple as a toy rabbit stuffed with sawdust. 350 more words