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If you don't believe in what you want, no one else will either.

As an angel investor I receive emails from almost every type of person and industry you can imagine… I always reply to every one, even if simply to point them in the right direction… Why not? 79 more words

Law Of Attraction

Being Present

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” Buddha (enlightened person)

How much time have you spent today thinking about what could be? 397 more words

Stress Management And Life Coaching

Day 113+1: I have come a LONG WAY! :)

Blog Readers! Hello! I was sitting at my desk eating my pleasant per-portioned/effective meal planning lunch when I realized how LONG it’s been since I’ve shared a piece of my story. 709 more words

My Life

The Mindful Mother

You chose me because you knew.

You knew I would show up for you today
And every day forward
Starting with your first breath
Ending with my last. 134 more words


When Is My Eureka Moment?

I was in a session with a friend yesterday and they asked my guides, “When’s the eureka moment? When will I say…Yes, yes.  I completely understand now why I am here.” Here’s what they answered: 172 more words

Personal Growth

Eckhart Tolle on Thinking and Creativity

“The philosopher Descartes believed that he had found the most fundamental truth when he made his famous statement: “I think therefore I am”. He had in fact given expression to the most basic error: to equate thinking with being and identity with thinking. 652 more words

Personal Development

Monkey Reaching for the Moon #1: The Monkey

猴子捞月   Monkey Reaching for the Moon (Hasegawa Tōhaku (長谷川 等伯, 1539 – March 19, 1610)

I have a copy of this painting here in my study as a daily reminder of my chattering monkey mind.  801 more words