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Can We Grow Our Own Electricity?

Viaspace, a producer of renewable Giant King Grass as a low carbon fuel for electricity generation, has signed a supply contract with bioenergy project developer ReSource Bioenergy to supply its energy grass for bioenergy projects in Jamaica through its affiliate Jamaica Bioenergy. 479 more words


6 Simple Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

Unless you’re the Viking God and Marvel Comic character Thor, with the enviable ability to harness electricity—i.e. lightning—using your magic hammer, odds are you have to buy energy from other sources like power plants and gas stations. 89 more words

Electricity: Why Is It So Common

Whenever your mobile battery gets low, you plug it in a wall socket, and the mobile starts getting recharged. It seems mundane; as a matter of fact, electricity, or to be more precise, electric power has become as commonplace for us as food or water. 362 more words


Verde LED to supply LEDs to Power Plant

Verde LED have won a contract to supply LED lighting solutions to 2OC in Beckton, London.

2OC, also known as ‘the greatest power station in the UK’, is to be fitted with modular LED luminaires and remote lighting controls. 52 more words

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