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Open Source Design for High Board Count Chassis for BeagleBone SBCs

Earlier this morning I was wondering if there is a way to package a large number of BeagleBone Black single-board computers in a single deskside chassis. 121 more words

Why 113 million Nigerians Are Poor

Do you know that about 1% of Nigerians control more than 80% of the country’s wealth?

In 2015, Nigeria is listed among the world’s fastest growing economy whereas more than 90% of the population considered themselves to be poor already in 2010 and the figures are rising!

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A Primer on Buck (and Boost) Converters

We all know that the reason the electrical system uses alternating current is because it’s easy to step the voltage up and down using a transformer, a feature which just isn’t possible with a DC system… or is it? 195 more words


Power: Jonathan orders new sources of supply to Borno

Few hours after reconnecting Borno State to the national grid, President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered opening of two new sources of power supply to the state. 215 more words


We are like Christmas lights

We are like Christmas lights. God is the power supply. Faith is the plug.
In order for the lights to work, it needs to be plugged into a power supply. 156 more words