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DIY Moment

There is something personally rewarding and immensely satisfying about building/creating anything with your own two hands. Knowing you don’t have to depend on store-bought items for… 313 more words


How to Give Your Tools a Glam Makeover with Gold Spraypaint

Have you ever been so amazed at how wonderful spray paint is that you start looking for more and more things to paint?

I used to get frustrated when spraypainting but when I learned how to do it correctly, I fell in love. 525 more words


Mother-Daughter Bonding

Nothing says “mother-daughter bonding” like breaking out the power tools and building a bookcase! Okay. We didn’t build it. But we did assemble it!

About a week ago, I started an early spring cleaning. 117 more words


What a girl wants 2: tools and quick fixes

I did a happy dance yesterday when the UPS man delivered two new toys, tools, ok, tools! He laughed. Probably wondered why I was so happy to get a portable wet-dry vac.   830 more words

Opening a Coconut is hard work!

Growing up, I hated coconut.  I would not eat anything that had it on it.  I thought it was the worst thing ever.  Since I started incorporating aspects of the Paleo diet into my lifestyle, I decided to give it another try.   669 more words

Adventures of a DIY Girl: Don’t Buy… Build (Part I)

I hate furniture shopping. That may seem like a strange statement coming from someone who loves to design and decorate her home, but it’s true. If you are lucky enough to find a furniture store who’s employees don’t work on commission, you still have to look through furniture that someone else designed. 783 more words


SawStop Dismissal Explained: Opinion Crosscutting SawStop’s Antitrust Lawsuit Released

Judge Claude M. Hilton of the Eastern District of Virginia recently issued a Memorandum Opinion following up on his June 27, 2014 order (on which we previously wrote  498 more words