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Opening a Coconut is hard work!

Growing up, I hated coconut.  I would not eat anything that had it on it.  I thought it was the worst thing ever.  Since I started incorporating aspects of the Paleo diet into my lifestyle, I decided to give it another try.   669 more words

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? How About a Sound Barrier?

Tired of my relentlessly cheerful attitude and overall happiness? This blog’s for you!

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows that I have uhm, issues, with a particular set of neighbors. 939 more words


Adventures of a DIY Girl: Don’t Buy… Build (Part I)

I hate furniture shopping. That may seem like a strange statement coming from someone who loves to design and decorate her home, but it’s true. If you are lucky enough to find a furniture store who’s employees don’t work on commission, you still have to look through furniture that someone else designed. 783 more words


SawStop Dismissal Explained: Opinion Crosscutting SawStop’s Antitrust Lawsuit Released

Judge Claude M. Hilton of the Eastern District of Virginia recently issued a Memorandum Opinion following up on his June 27, 2014 order (on which we previously wrote  498 more words


A Robotic Arm Made from Recycled Bicycle Parts

I have been working with bicycle parts since I was around eight or nine years old. It all started when my younger brother and our childhood neighbors and friends would come over to get their bicycles repaired. 4,727 more words

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365 day 344

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Power tools ftw

Now on to the fun part! My goal is to have the subfloor complete by next week. I had hoped to start earlier, but since we got the wood on Tuesday, and we won’t be getting the other things we need until the Lowes delivery Friday, we’re can’t quite get it done until the weekend. 323 more words

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