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Show missing hard disks in the Finder sidebar | MacIssues

Besides the two solutions to the Show missing hard disks in the Finder sidebar problem, I also learned this shortcut today:

open a Finder window and press Shift-Command-C to go to the top level of your computer…

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Max OS X: Tunderbolt Ethernet trouble shooting (via: Ask Different)

Every once in a while my Gigabit Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter would show this in the Network Settings:

Status: Cable Unplugged Either the cable for Thunderbolt Ethernet is not plugged in or the device at the other end is not responding.

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Great page on Z80: Apple II with Softcard

If you ever used an Apple II with a Z80 card, then this page will look very familiar to you: Apple II with Softcard.


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Windows: authenticated command-line download from IIS server wget: no, cURL: yes.

Had to download a bunch of stuff over the command-line from an IIS server that was using authentication. Not basic authentication, but NTLM authentication.

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