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A few OnePlus One CyanogenMod tips

Some settings I applied to match my Nexus 4 setup on my OnePlus Oe 64 Gb:

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Excessive CPU usage in WheaAttemptPhysicalPageOffline when using Intel HD graphics - via Intel Communities

I had some excessive CPU usage (30% on a 4-core system) inside WheaAttemptPhysicalPageOffline when using an Intel HD graphics 2500 GPU.

At first I thought I needed to convince IT to update the drivers:  32 more words


Nostalgia: OSvirtual Virtual images of operating systems

OSvirtual is a collection of virtual images of operating systems.

It’s a resource for those who want to recall some operating system/distribution, to try unknown OS or just to play with the virtual toy :) 8 more words

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Embedding a Gist in WordPress is easy (via: Support — WordPress.com)

Boy, I wish I had found out about this a long time ago.

Embedding source code in WordPress web sites has always been a pain, as the Jekyll & Hyde faces of the WordPress Visual & Text keep fighting about the content. 114 more words

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