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On qualitative research: Anecdotes are spatialized data

On Qualitative research, lessons on IE & Political opportunities: Anecdotes are not just for discourse analysis- They can also reveal structures of power that position people differently and relationally. 25 more words

No Rant-Just Interesting

Frank Muller.

This white gold watch featured above is part of the Frank Muller collection.

Known for their unique curved body and extensive list of components, the Frank Muller collection has come to be known as the “master of complications”. 10 more words

Luxury Lifestyles

When the tide rises

After the long Holy Week holiday, I was back to my full-time work. The weather is still hot with pauses of rain now and then. And yesterday, there was a Great Shift. 239 more words

God is one of a kind (Jeremiah 50:44)

Today’s Readings: Jeremiah 50; Philippians 2

Like a lion that suddenly emerges from the dense undergrowth beside the Jordan to attack a flock feeding in the lush pasture, so in an instant I will arrive and chase Babylon from her land.

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Body Power ABI1780 Inversion Table with Core and Back Machine

Maximize both your core workouts and inversion therapy sessions with maximum ease on the Body Power ABI1780 Inversion Table with Core and Back Machine. Our unique “2-in-1″ design now has an added easy-to-use “mode-switch” bar. 70 more words


Gurudev, our leaders have advised girls and ladies to carry pepper sprays and chilli powder to keep themselves safe. Will the girls be safe by keeping chilli powder or by learning Karate? 3,428 more words


You Are More Powerful Than You Realise

You are powerful, yes you. You may not think it but you have more power than you realise.

This is power that doesn’t rely on muscle tone or physical ability, I’m talking about the power of conscience, the power that you have to make a difference to the life of  a child in trouble, a person in need a community in chaos and ultimately the whole damn world. 243 more words