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Seeking Shared Perspective

If we seek the shared perspective, we have a shot at Harmony.

Because while our daily mission is Us, it’s also Everyone.

Our perspective is out there with Everyone else’s. 62 more words

Soul Swag Explained

Bullies And Trolls Commented On A Photo Of Her Son. Her Powerful Response Is Perfect

Following a mother posted photographs of her son with Down’s Syndrome online she received constructive comments from individuals, but she also received a fair share of unfavorable ones from trolls on the World wide web. 20 more words

Women Ideas

World Politics In A Few Lines

Stop their breathing, we need to breathe. Do your best to block the path of air moving into their undeserving lungs. Kill the dreams they once cherished. 159 more words



So I’ve decided to launch something new wait for it….. #MusicCrushMonday yes it come to me clear and straight, well most of my #MCM’s tend to be musician so why not mix it up and also get to share some of the fantastic music am currently listening to …. 172 more words


12 steps to be a successful woman

This article was published on “The Voice of Women Initiative”, check from here: http://vowinitiative.org/2014/05/14/12-steps-to-be-a-successful-woman/

1)      Don’t make your life’s goal ONLY about getting married and having children- it is great to have your own family- but don’t minimize your abilities on being a successful person, making change in your surroundings. 498 more words


Choices of God

Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful. 75 more words

Functionality through Movement.

Hi everyone,

This is a hot topic within the fitness world and is definately the buzz word in society. Functional training!! So I want to look at what is functional training and why such the emphasis placed on it in our day and age. 976 more words

Getting Stronger Physically And Mentally