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Love is sublime, not beautiful

Having a girlfriend that I am absolutely in love with and care about a lot had raised a question in me that I want to share. 336 more words


"About Me" ^ "About You"

Well “About Me”.  I have been married, divorced, a single mother, and soon to be married again.  The best part about my past is it contributed to who I am today.  265 more words


Sometimes I look back at what I have done, what I have gone through and came out of stronger, what I have accomplished, and I wonder why I am not an egotistical bastard.

My Life


We don’t need to dress up  the Word of God with all these different version of the bible,  with all of our worldly saying that we deem is so deep, with our quotes of flesh, with ungodly pictures that we shouldn’t be displaying or with inappropriate videos to try and prove our point, etc. 307 more words


7 Of The Most Powerful Medicinal Plants


From Cannabis to Mint, there are hundreds of common herbs, flowers, berries and plants that serve all kinds of medical and health purposes.

Here are seven of the top medicinal plants that can help with: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, insect repellent, antibacterial, detoxification, fever reduction, antihistamine and pain relief. 552 more words


Motivation Monday:::: Gratitude is powerful #latenightmotivation #reflection #mm

Sometimes we forget how powerful you making someone know your gratitude not only empowers ourselves but yourself as well…. Late night thoughts ;)

Motivation Monday