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“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”


NASA Completes Key Review of World’s Most Powerful Rocket in Support of Journey to Mars

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NASA officials Wednesday announced they have completed a rigorous review of the Space Launch System (SLS) — the heavy-lift, exploration class rocket under development to take humans beyond Earth orbit and to Mars — and approved the program’s progression from formulation to development, something no other exploration class vehicle has achieved since the agency built the space shuttle. 634 more words


Progression... Con't

Tonight was a very big step in the right direction. As far as technical skating goes, I felt the most comfortable I ever have. Even if I wasn’t, I’m convinced that the power of the mind has a lot to do with how I perform. 128 more words


Work It Wednesday: Modern, Chic and Sexy Inspiration

It was love at first sight with this model’s knee-length H&M dress. The 90’s inspiration, paired with a modern and high fashion design, allows for a powerful and sexy end of summer look. 35 more words


God is able...beautiful video

This is awesome witness to the powerful grace of God!!



This blog is perhaps the most important one that I’ve ever written.  The question is—-“What makes another person so envious of another?”  Jealousy is so mean and powerful and it causes so much pain.   189 more words


The Power of Peace Group Meditation

This is will be a grass roots group meditation focusing on the power of peace. The current energy in the world is ever changing and transforming and we are currently witnessing the transformation of planetary consciousness as we evolve it is important that we harness the grounding power of peace. 67 more words