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An Honest Prayer

Home alone… My ex husband has two youngest kids.. Oldest daughter stayed out with friends.
Still in my pjs.. Coffee and chocolate..
Saturday morning almost over.. 845 more words

Soul Expression

About yesterday's death in the hood

The guy I wrote about yesterday was not 48

He was 38

He had lost his father at a very young age and grew up in a household of 4 older sisters, whom are all married now. 479 more words

Just Saying


Have you ever gone back in time,
Watched the world from a floating bubble
To see yourself make the same mistakes
And walk again into trouble?
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Smacktown - Powerless

Smacktown – Powerless

music video single – click to play – Australian Hip Hop
#aussiehiphop | #AustralianHipHop | #nuerahiphop

Fight Music

Australian Hip Hop

Day1: Facing Distraction

Have you ever had a feeling to do something…. something possibly random, something you’re not sure you could explain to people if they asked… something… different? 1,529 more words

Restless nights quieted by the One who made me

This week has been odd. Twice did fear encapsulate me. The first time, I was biking down 27th to go see a friend. When I noticed an older looking lady laying on the ground, possibly hurt. 211 more words

Reflections On Faith

Years Ago

I found a piece of writing from about 3 years ago and a part of it is sticking with me. This was a time of my life where I was truly heartbroken over an ex and he caused an uproar of words to spill out of me. 57 more words