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Eye Contact

I’m leaving work to go give blood and I come to a stop at a red light. On my left is a man- probably my age- with a cardboard sign. 474 more words


Freak of nature

Tidal waves destroy everything in their path. Without the intention, they destroy cities, homes, families, sanity. Are some people like tidal waves? Don’t they just come into your life and ruin everything in their path? 163 more words


I believe that one of the worst things you can go through is the feeling of being powerless. It is such a horrible feeling and one of the most frustrating things in the world. 450 more words


Of the essence of Fallen Cupid

Gone are the days of my prime!

Lusts of the flesh and wine.

Gone are the days of rhymes!

Immortality, sagacity, to decline.

The grandiosity, flawlessness, and perfection…

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In my experience, a lot of BDSM is getting into the headspace required for play. Anyone planing to do a scene; Sub, Dom, or otherwise has to access the place in their head where those feelings come from, to get  into the right mood to play. 363 more words

Just Thoughts

Call This Torture Cabinet an Ambulance. I'm Back Where I Belong! - Act III

From somewhere beyond me I can hear Matilda screaming but we are lost in the world that our confidence built. We’ve torn through some magic space, created a gash between the pages and littered its ground with nasty spaces designed to bring us down. 138 more words