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Powerless - The Year the Lights Went Out

Friday, April 18 – Black Friday
I slept well last night, despite Neil’s concerns over the field and when I woke I felt full of optimism that Martin will soon be back, full of stories about his adventures. 416 more words

Powerless - The Year the Lights Went Out

Thursday, April 17 – Dark thoughts

Another difficult day, despite the sunshine and warmer weather. I am really beginning to think that Martin won’t come back. 265 more words

"things a black man hates to see"

the last swallow of  Hennesey lingering conspicuously in the corner of the bottle

a empty sandwich bag corner or a full sandwich bag corner and nothing to roll with… 473 more words


Title (inconsequential)

As I write this, rescue teams are searching for survivors of the sunken ferry outside South Korea. As I write this, hundreds of high school students are missing, presumed dead. 43 more words


Report from Sinai Desert - Rabbi Marc Rosenstein

Overwhelming times. The anticipation, the escalation of the plagues, the sudden departure, the panic – and miraculous delivery – at the sea. Hard to even know how to respond, to know where we stand in the process. 372 more words


I feel powerless

I feel powerless
Like a flightless bird.
So many things I want to say to you,
But I can’t say a word.

You can do want you want… 82 more words

Powerless - The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, April 16 – Darned socks and damn men

Today I noticed that the thermal socks I have been wearing ever since the power cut started, have finally begun to wear through. 305 more words