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Friends Don't Let Friends Use PowerPoint

Given the fact that PowerPoint’s are often a “hit or miss”, a Youtuber by the name of “ChuckJPC”, has created a satirical video commenting on the “usefulness” of PowerPoint presentations. 77 more words

Introduction To Blogging | PowerPoint Presentation

Dear Visitor,

In this post, you can find a PowerPoint presentation introducing you to blogging. The presentation will be covering the following:

  • —What is a Website?
29 more words

PowerPoint Presentations

How People Access The Web | PowerPoint Presentation

Dear visitor,

in this post, You can find a PowerPoint Presentation explaining the basics of how people access the web.

Thank you.

How People Access The Web

PowerPoint Presentations

Until Death…I Depart!

As some of you are aware I do PowerPoint presentations around Brisbane libraries, Schools and Seniors Clubs encouraging others to record their life story and understand the importance of their own lived history. 100 more words


I "Scents" That Not Much is New with Smell-0-Vision

This article talks about some Harvard University students are working on a smartphone with scents.

Here is more on the “Scentee“, and this article claims a restaurant wants to emit scents over the phone. 63 more words

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