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Don't gorge yourself on slides: Remember that PowerPoint isn't your only tool

294 slides. Thousands of words. Unreadable graphics. Isn't there any software besides Powerpoint? http://t.co/1kz9ZC4uKj #presentations

— Corby Guenther (@corbyguenther) December 22, 2014

Presentation Skills Tips

Nifty SmartArt Trick In Microsoft Office

When SmartArt was introduced in Office 2007 everyone could make their documents just look a little more ‘designed’. Wow with just a little more clicks we had this diagram looking great with no hassle at all. 417 more words

Office Tips And Tricks

Eeek! Microsoft Office Kills Clip Art, But You Have Other Options.

How To Find Images For Office Documents Now That Microsoft’s Killing Clip Art, by Derek Walter, PCWorld


But Microsoft is sending its Office clip art…

165 more words
Legal Technology

Presentation 4 - Halloween

Below is our presentation for the Split world with the use of colour.

Presentation : Build A World – 3

This time I did actually write a script for the group to look at, since we felt that we should actually be preparing more for these presentations, and each person was able to claim two slides to speak about. 312 more words

Creative Elements

Presentation on Cover Art

Below is the presentation that our group did for the Cover Art that we created for Creative Solutions and Creative Enterprise modules.

Presentation : Cover Art… 106 more words

Creative Elements

December 18: Cookie Decorating and Word Building

Today Xander finished up his first Powerpoint presentation.  As promised, here it is:

I only helped him with the first couple of slides….the rest, including all the animations, were done completely by him.   296 more words

Which road are you on? Reducing cognitive load with infographics, icons and signs

One of the things that I have seen really commonly, both in my own education and in the education of students I have observed, is that inability to get going on a task after it has been set.  584 more words