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Name: Story Book

Powers: Protects monsters from attack by putting them into a storybook for one turn. When the monster comes back out, their powers are doubled. 10 more words


Most Badass Hindu Gods/Goddesses Part III : Krishna

Starting right from his childhood. As a kid growing up in Brindavan, he sent a whole lot of  Asuras sent by Kamsa to their death. Then he dances on the hood of  the mighty serpent Kaliya, forcing him to leave the Yamuna. 1,164 more words


Most Badass Hindu Gods/Goddesses Part I : Hanuman

The name of Lord Hanuman pops in my head when someone refers to the mightiest or the most amazing mythical character ever. The non-natives might address him as Monkey-God or Monkey-Humanoid. 536 more words


Preview: A Bold New Direction Begins in Powers #1!

This January, hot off the heels of the highly anticipated debut of the Powers TV series comes Powers #1 – the recharged and reborn ongoing series from… 235 more words


Here's How Sony Could Release 'The Interview' Without Going Through Theaters Or Netflix

Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton tried to defend himself from an unexpected Presidential smackdown yesterday when he told CNN that the studio “would still like the public to see” … 492 more words

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12 Days of Christmas with Shak: Day 7

Day 7

You know, I’ve always been an X-Men fan. I used to watch the original cartoon when I was younger, and while I never really read an x-men comic or anything, I feel that it still makes me an “original fan”.. 425 more words


Theme Week: Heroes - 3

He knows he should be thrilled about
His newfound gift of flight…
It would be an awesome power, if
He weren’t so scared of heights!

- s. Clark