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Parchment - Part III

I was still considering my plan to take some Tylenol (or Tylenol PM because I didn’t have to work in the morning and there was nothing that would require my wakefulness before 2pm), even as I knocked on the door to Apartment 42 on 8th Street. 998 more words

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Petal Power

Flowers have captured human imagination since ancient times primarily because they are beautiful (mostly) and produce various kinds of pleasing smells(with a few exceptions). Different flowers are associated with different symbolism and are used for different purposes. 216 more words


10 Ways to Increase Your Brain Powers

10 Ways to Increase Your Brain Powers

Simple Tips for Maximum Brain Performance

The human brain is a powerful organ/tool and in order for it to work well, we must keep it in a healthy state. 686 more words


I Think My X-Men Powers Are Broken

Don’t act like you haven’t tried it. Every one, at some point in their lives has made an attempt at trying to bend a spoon with mere brain power or pointing their finger at their lamp to see if they could make it turn on. 361 more words


What Do Kenny Powers And Paris Hilton Have In Common? by Auto Blog Via

1st off, I actually doubt you will see Paris Hilton out operating all around on this but apparently someone gave her a Can Am Spyder and took the obligatory photograph to go with it which she shared on instagram. 30 more words

Multiple, Alternate, and Co-Agents in Powers of Attorney

A lot of estate plans include different types of powers of attorney. While these documents are very useful, there are some practical limitations you should know about before you make a decision about the agent you choose through your power of attorney. 134 more words

Stillalive studios title Son of Nor now available on Early Access

Developed by #Stillalive studios for PC, Mac and #Linux, Son of Nor ($17.99 USD) is set in Noshrac, a world inhabited by a minority of human survivors and a race of hostile creatures called Sarahul, both left behind by ancient Gods in a legacy of conflict. 479 more words

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