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My Thoughts on The Last (Final Installment of The Watchers Series) by Lynnie Purcell **SPOILER ALERT**


There is a lot to cover in this book. There is a lot of action, many revelations, strengthening of relationships, tear-jerking… heartbreaking moments. This conclusion of a great series is a wild, rollercoaster ride. 861 more words


"Rails way" to execute a seml-complex query

I have a semi-complex query in a Rails 4 project that’s using postgres. I’d like to see if it’s possible to translate the query to ActiveRecord / Arel and if the Rails convention is to use… 238 more words

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Does magick exist? Resist evil.

Some psychics believe that, because being psychic starts with the mind, there is no such thing as magick — some force that exists beyond the realm of our brains.  777 more words


Mind map for my character

My mind map includes what inspired me to design this type of character, what type of wings she would have, her hair and face and her armour. 153 more words

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Honing Discernment & Informing Choice.
Challenging but not aiming to hurt feelings.
If its out there, & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect!? 10 more words


Sony 'Powers' Up its First Scripted TV Series on PlayStation

Taking the long road from script to screen is not uncommon in Hollywood, but Brian Michael Bendis’ “Powers” is notable for more than just its 14-year development journey at Sony Pictures. 1,586 more words