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In the Heat of the Moment

Last week, as part of our Centering Prayer group, we talked about feelings, especially our most powerful feelings: Hate, rage, shame…. Sometimes the overwhelming power of these feelings separate us from ourselves, especially when they’ve arisen from abuse and neglect. 329 more words


Naruto 696 Review

This week’s chapter starts us off with Naruto and Sasuke exchsnging their thoughts..Naruto explains that there’s no guarantee that Sasuke’s ideas would work; things might just end up the same as before..but Sasuke says that he wants to watch over the world to prevent that..Naruto talks about the 5 Kage finally coming together, but Sasuke notes that this is only happening because they were fighting against a common enemy; that was the only way they were going to survive..Sasuke seems to have come to an understanding of what he believes he must do now-with the possibility of Edo Tensei, and Orochimaru, he could live forever..Naruto finally understands that Sasuke just wants to be lonely while being hated by everyone.. 355 more words



This is a bit of a rambling ponder that derives from several conversations over the past month. I’m sure I’ve rambled about it before in various places, but I’ll ramble a bit more here. 848 more words


British Ambassador at Navarino Battle Commemoration

British Ambassador on the 187th anniversary of Navarino Battle in Greece 697 more words

Nottingham reacts to new powers clamping down on stag party dressing up

The people of Nottingham have given their views on proposals to ban ‘inappropriate dress’ on stag and hen weekends in a popular British tourist destination. 243 more words