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Her Majesty the Queen

Is Her Majesty the Queen of Britain a powerless representation of the government or a graceful trademark?

The role of monarchs and their relationship with the United Kingdom has changed since the eleventh and twelfth century. 479 more words

Bill Of Rights

Laser Beam Eyes!

We all have those moments, when someone says something indescribably rude, that makes our inner child scream out in a full-fledged tantrum. Yet, we have been raised to believe such outbursts are undesirable – and do our best to laugh off or ignore such things. 173 more words

SHOCKER !!. Meet The Electrocuted Boy who Woke Up with The same Super Powers as Magneto of X-Men

A young boy of Russia, who almost died from an electric shock, turned into a human magnet.

12-year-old Nikolai Kryaglyachenko said that it all began while walking home from school one day. 123 more words


What is an Italian "sheriff Mayor"

In Italy, a country which was once made of city-states, the role of the Municipal Government and of its chief, the Mayor, is politically fundamental. Indeed the fascist regime replaced elected Mayors with appointed regents. 191 more words


My Thoughts on The Last (Final Installment of The Watchers Series) by Lynnie Purcell **SPOILER ALERT**


There is a lot to cover in this book. There is a lot of action, many revelations, strengthening of relationships, tear-jerking… heartbreaking moments. This conclusion of a great series is a wild, rollercoaster ride. 861 more words


"Rails way" to execute a seml-complex query

I have a semi-complex query in a Rails 4 project that’s using postgres. I’d like to see if it’s possible to translate the query to ActiveRecord / Arel and if the Rails convention is to use… 238 more words

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Mind map for my character

My mind map includes what inspired me to design this type of character, what type of wings she would have, her hair and face and her armour. 153 more words