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Exchange log full - mailbox in quarantine

Sometimes when you experience Exchange log (disk) is full, and some mailboxes will have the status in quarantine. You can do the following:

  1. Check if any users are in quarantine (powershell) …
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Computer Misc

Using Mutexes to Write Data to the Same Logfile Across Processes With PowerShell

I think we have all been there at some point. We have multiple processes running, either through multiple powershell.exe consoles or using PSJobs (maybe even runspaces ) and we have decided that specific data from our running commands should go to a single logfile. 1,032 more words


Give Specific permissions to Calendar or Contacts

To add permissions to a mailbox’s Calendar or Contacts. This is very useful when creating a “Room Mailbox” that the user account is disabled.

Give permissions to a user/list: 32 more words


My presentation at IT Camp: Modernizing Your Infrastructure

This is a PDF file of my presentation at the event in Microsoft Malvern office on 09/23/2014. I had a great time meeting the folks and delivering the event.

Cloud Computing

Saving SCSM and SQL resources by disabling Cube Processing

If you do not use the OLAP Reporting Cubes in Service Manager it’s probably just going to use resources while delivering no business value.

By disabling Cube Processing and the SSAS instance you’ll save 4GB+ of RAM usage and the CPU usage from the Cube Processing task. 61 more words