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An End-to-End HDInsight Demo

I’ve got one last post in me before vacation starts…

By now, the big data buzzword fatigue has set in and you’ve probably completed 1,000 demos that highlight the different parts of the Hadoop ecosystem. 847 more words


SharePoint 2010: Update / Populate Managed Metadata Column Value With Value From Lookup Column Using PowerShell

I was recently asked by one of my customers if there was an easy way to take the value stored in a SharePoint Lookup Column and update /populate a Managed Metadata Column with that same value without having to do it manually.   723 more words

SharePoint 2010

Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud - Bringing Docker Online using PowerShell DSC

Picking up where we last left off, Yung Chou and Keith Mayer continue our Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud series as they welcome Andrew Weiss from Microsoft Consulting Services as they show us how we can manage… 58 more words

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure Automation from the Cloud #Azure #SMA

Today I was reading about Microsoft Azure Automation and got some interesting links to share with the community when you want to start with automation. 272 more words


Powershell - sending email with attachments

Email, even with attachments, is pretty simple in PowerShell:

And the proof that it does stuff…

$mailServer = "smtp.live.com"
$sender = 'FannyAdams@outlook.com'
$recipient = 'AdamFanny@hotmail.co.uk'

$content = "Some basic content, on this day: [$(Get-Date)]."
$attachmentPath = "C:\FrenchThings\FrenchGcse01.PNG"
$subject = "Testing Things and so on"

$credentials = Get-Credential

Send-MailMessage `
    -smtpServer $mailServer  `
    -Credential $credentials `
    -UseSsl `
    -from $sender `
    -to $recipient `
    -subject $subject `
    -BodyAsHtml `
    -Body $content `
    -Attachments $attachmentPath

… 60 more words

Exchange 2010 Product Version Numbers

To get the product version number of the currently installed version of Exchange Server 2010, open the Exchange Management Shell and run this command…

Get-Command ExSetup.exe | % {$_.FileVersionInfo} 460 more words

More New Stuff in PowerShell V5: Extra PowerShell Auditing

With the latest Preview release of PowerShell V5 July (X86, X64), we get some extra capabilities for auditing PowerShell script tracing. Since PowerShell V3, we have had the capability of Module Logging in PowerShell, meaning that we can track the commands that are being run for specified PowerShell modules in the event logs. 1,185 more words