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A comment was left on my last post stating that the requires keyword could be used to test for modules.

Requires is a keyword that can be put at the top of scripts and modules. 212 more words

Powershell Basics

A little bit of community

One thing I really like about the PowerShell community is the number of people who share information and the way that allows us to incrementally increase our knowledge and skills. 270 more words

Powershell Basics

Where’s the value

PowerShell is object based ā€“ its the one fact that is mentioned in very introduction to PowerShell ā€“ and its the use of objects that gives PowerShell its reach and power. 202 more words

Powershell Basics

Give me a break

Having shown how to use continue last time I thought Iā€™d show the opposite functionality this time and demonstrate how to jump out of a loop. 122 more words

Powershell Basics

Continue please

I needed to be able to skip processing in a loop and remembered that the continue command suspends the loop processing and immediate goes back to the top of the loop. 132 more words

Powershell Basics

Select is a filter

This is a common scenario:

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Logicaldisk | select Name, Size, Freespace

You will see a display with three properties ā€“ turning them into a list for ease of display: 248 more words

Powershell Basics

End of PowerShell Jobs week

My series on PowerShell Jobs for the Scripting Guy blog has finished. The set of articles is:

Jobs week 1 : Introduction to PowerShell jobs… 158 more words

PowerShell V2