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Quick tip: Convert to Title Case

Most people know how to convert a string to all upper case or all lower case. In this quick tip, I’ll show you how to use ‘TextInfo’ to convert a string to Title Case. 61 more words


SSIS Catalog and Project Deployment with PowerShell

This may be my shortest blog post ever as I get ready to sign off from work for the next three weeks. But before I do, I wanted to share a quick script to automate deployment for SSIS 2012 (and 2014). 436 more words

SQL Server 2012

Use SMA Complex Type asset to store product keys in encrypted form

I’m working on a project were we install SQL on VMs via an SMA runbook. The runbook generates a configuration.ini and then kicks of a scripted install. 408 more words


Powershell function/tool to detect if computer has Internet access

This tiny function makes it very easy to check if the computer running a script has Internet access or not. This becomes handy in controller scripts that monitor other computers or services on the Internet. 108 more words


ConfigMgr: use PowerShell to detect applications…

Recently, in one of my projects I’m heavily involved in adding applications in a System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager environment. One of the biggest challenges I have is that no ‘standard’ or ‘preferred’ method is available to deploy applications. 1,312 more words

System Center Configuration Manager

Unholy Matrimony - wGet and PowerShell together

XML has been around for a LONG time. But just like working with HTML, it still kind of stinks. If you want to reach into a file and pull out values within certain tags, you’d better become a pro with Xpath or be prepared to create some REALLY ugly Regex. 1,677 more words


Introduction to Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory
A managed service for orchestrating and managing diverse data, especially in hybrid environments where some data sources reside in the cloud and others are on-premise. 1,803 more words