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List Users and their Group Membership using PowerShell

In some cases you might need to prepare a report on list of Active Directory users and their group Membership. One of the case recently I came across is for Auditing purpose. 265 more words


Configure PowerShell in client PC to remotely manage Exchange server 2010/2013

Sometimes we might run into a situation where we need to perform admin tasks from a client PC where we do not have management tools installed in office location. 644 more words


Matrix for figuring out permissions from File Dialogue

While using Set-ACL to change the permissions of a file or folder you always have the issue to figure out how to translate the settings from the file dialogue to the powershell syntax. 23 more words


Adding a web part to a page using CSOM / PowerShell

The following script adds a web part to a page using PowerShell and the Client Side Object Model (SharePoint 2013).

Prior to adding a web part to the page you need to: 206 more words

SharePoint 2013

(2014-09-01) PowerShell And SACLs In AD: Adding Auditing Entry For Read/Write Property On Some Object

PowerShell Code to add an auditing entry to one or multiple OUs for some security principal when reading/writing some attribute on some object.

Example object class: user… 328 more words

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)

Exchange 2013 implicit remoting

A quick script I made to connect remotely to an exchange server.

function Get-RemoteExchange {
Created for implicit remoting to an Exchange PowerShell management shell
Created for implicit remoting to an Exchange PowerShell management shell
Get-RemoteExchange -Hostname 



$RemoteExchange = (New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri "http://$hostname/powershell")
Import-PSSession $RemoteExchange


PowerShell Script fo host file modification

While i was implementing SCCM i nedded to add in host file of every computer in our firm records about DP’s and MP (SCCM in untrusted domain then the rest of infrastructure). 454 more words

SCCM 2012 SP1