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Issues Provisioning Lync Online Users After DirSync Synchronization

Recently, I stumbled into a scenario where Lync Online accounts appeared to get crunched by a series of enabling and disabling DirSync within the Office 365 tenant.  862 more words

Office 365

Fixing taxonomy terms after a Metalogix migration

When migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 using the Metalogix Content Matrix migration tool, a taxonomy issue was encountered. The individual term from the SP2010 source was not applied to the SP2013 destination and associated with the correct termset and term. 362 more words


How to: Uploading files into Office 365 via PowerShell


Being one of the most common questions “How to upload files to SharePoint Library?”, i noticed that usually folder structure is not taken into account in the provided solutions. 61 more words

SharePoint Online

Profile Deletion Powershell Script

For those familiar with older platforms, deleting a user’s profile from a machine used to be as simple as naming out their Documents and Settings  502 more words


FTP using powershell

foreach ( $FILE1 in $(get-childitem C:\Folder_Path_having_File) )

$FtpHost = “ftp://****.com/test/$FILE1″ # FTP server name followed by path after home directory
$File_Name = $FILE1.FullName
$username = “Ftp_User_Name” 43 more words


Extract image from a webpage and convert to jpg format using poweshell

$url = “http://www.********* ” # Variables can be used in url to pass/change value at run time
$folder = “C:\Folder_Path”

$ie = New-Object -COMObject InternetExplorer.Application… 102 more words


Using Powershell to Export an SVN XML List to CSV

I needed to get a list of files in a specific folder of an SVN repository and export it as an csv file. The main reason was to get the size of the contents of the folder, but I also wanted to work with the results (sort, group, filter) and Excel was the tool I wanted to do it in. 618 more words