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ALM Rangers release PowerShell DSC guidance

This summer I was the project lead on the Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Rangers Desired State Configuration (DSC) guidance. Our product owner, Keith Bankston, describes PowerShell DSC very well in the forward: 140 more words


Fun with Regular Expressions

A while back a friend of mine mentioned that he could not find a regular expression that was capable of parsing Windows Performance counter strings. He said that it couldn’t be done with regex alone and he had written a lot of code to manually parse the strings. 278 more words


Intranet Subject Alt Names for Exchange SSL Certificates

So you were using a SHA1 SSL certificate on your Microsoft Exchange server and you get an email letting you know that SHA1 is no longer a secure cryptographic hash. 421 more words


Error Deactivating DHCP Scope

On Windows Server 2008 R2 when using netsh to deactivate a DHCP scope you get an error that says, “The command needs a valid Scope IP Address”. 7 more words


How to use parameter substitution with Pig Latin and PowerShell

How to use parameter substitution with Pig Latin and PowerShell

When running Pig in a production environment, you’ll likely have one or more Pig Latin scripts that run on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) that need to locate their input data based on when or where they are run. 170 more words

"Big Data"

Counting Google Results

In a new role now, and having to do a bit of fairly simple trend analysis – although my scripting skills are a little rusty and it took a while to work out. 669 more words



I have written previously about how to convert an object to a DataTable and how to create one based on an existing MSSQL table, but now I will share a function to create a new empty DataTable. 33 more words