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Using AuthZ Workflows on FIM built-in service account changes [Workaround]

As everybody knows the two FIM built-in accounts “Forefront Identity Manager Service Account” and “Built-in synchronization account” will bypass all AuthZ workflows. 396 more words

FIM 2010 R2

Script to list the data fields on a Remedy Form

Here is another quick example of using PowerShell to query information from your Remedy server.

When I am developing scripts I end up spending a lot of time in Remedy Developer Studio looking at forms to find the data fields that I am interested in. 475 more words


Enable Powershell Remoting via Group Policy

While one can run the command below to enable PS remoting, it is good to standardize this by using a GPO on your servers.

>Enable-PSRemoting… 167 more words


Changing to Powershell ISE

I have had a constant problem with AdminScriptEditor.  For whatever reason, it will format certain lines which break up my variables (IE.  $  variable).

In a moment of anger, I decided to start using the Powershell ISE.  63 more words


Using ARAPI.NET from PowerShell

In my last post I explained how to install ARAPI.NET. Now let’s take a look at how you can use the Remedy API in a PowerShell Script. 722 more words


AD: Defining primary group membership with Powershell

NOTE: Be sure to change the Temp user/group entries in $NewGroup and $BaseOU to your required distinguished names.

# The current Domain
$DomainNC = (“LDAP://RootDSE”).DefaultNamingContext… 151 more words


Filter array by other array using regex patterns

$items = “abt”,”about”,”after”,”again”,”air”,”all”,”along”,”also”,”an”,”and”,”another”,”in”,”year”,”you”,”your”,”was”

#$pattern = “ab[\w]{1}$”
#$pattern = “^n$”, “you*”
$pattern = “^a.{1}”, “you*”

Write-Host “— Option 1 —“
$pattern | %{ $items -match $_ } 28 more words