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Water Torture - Pillbox

Water Torture
Nerve Altar

The Buffalo powerviolence trio Water Torture recently dropped their debut full length ‘Pillbox’ into the world and if you’ve been following their early adventures, mapped across various EPs and split releases, this record marks the fruition of true promise and then some. 220 more words


Boddicker - Crime Upheaval

Label: Self-released/independent

Bandcamp stream: Link

I’ve been feeling pretty stressed out recently. I know why, and I know there’s not a whole lot more I can do about it, but that still doesn’t stop that awful pressure in my chest and aching in my head at times. 462 more words


Chochos Y Moscas - Pule Mi Yonki

artist: Chochos y Moscas
title: Pule Mi Yonki
keywords: grindcore, noisecoe, experimental, powerviolence
reviewer: Harry Metal

Chochos y Moscas are back! And how! They deliver behind this great piece of artwork nine tracks that are uber short, very good and ultra-compact. 116 more words


United Nations - "The Next Four Years" - ALBUM REVIEW

United Nations “The Next Four Years”

At the center of one of the most controversial punk groups of the past decade is Geoff Rickly, lead singer of now defunct post-hardcore group Thursday. 572 more words


[review] JESUS CRØST - 1986 [2014]

(Bones Brigade Records – 2014)

The 2014 World Cup came and went with the historic achievements we all know quite well by now, but there is always someone with his heart on the past tournaments and the heroes who made their names in the game back in the day. 224 more words


Wrong Rehearsal Melody, Wrong (2014)

Musique concrete for the hardcore. If you were ever into the Boredoms or Ruins, you might find this humorous and worth a listen.