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Sunset over Malta

Welcome. Today I present to you the beautiful sky and sunset on Lake Malta in Poznan, of course. I made this photo from the top of the Mound of Liberty, which towers above the lake.  39 more words



One of the best place to chillout in Poznan is Lake Malta. On the other side you can see Baths Maltese – the biggest and most water sports and recreation complex in Poland. 49 more words


August 7, Bl Edmund Bojanowski

August 7
Optional memorial
In the Archdioceses of Poznań and Wrocław – Obligatory memorial

Edmund Bojanowski was born on 14 November 1814 in Grabonóg in the Archdiocese of Poznań. 699 more words

Office Of Readings

Photographers reflection

I just love reflections, it’s just like looking into another dimension don’t You think? :) This one was taken in cetre of Poznań/Poland at the newly opened museum called Brama Poznania/The gate of Poznan. Enjoy.


Saint Martin Street - ulica Święty Marcin Poznań/Poland.

A fisheye panorama of the popular street in Poznań – Święty Marcin Street. Enjoy.


Tanie alarmy

W obecnych czasach dochodzi do dużych włamań, rozboi lub malwersacji. Sporo z nas zastanawia się jak owocnie możemy ochronić nasze domy, mieszkania lub budynki służbowe przed takimi zdarzeniami. 119 more words



Hi there! In Poznan showed up Flash – Marvel Comic book hero! Here he ran down the street Baraniaka. I wonder where? ;) But seriously: of course I made this image ​with a long exposure time :) The buildings in the picture are Malta Office Park – created a few years ago an office complex. See yaaaa! :)