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Why I Don't Go To Art School

In public relations, you will often be asked to do things that branch outside your scope of proficiency. It’s a learn-fast-or-fall-hard world. Sometimes, you just have to admit your incapabilites; but that doesn’t mean you can’t still try your hardest. 217 more words

TWG Tweets: Meeting Deadlines

 We asked and you answered! This week on Twitter we asked Working Girls for their best advice on handling and meeting demanding deadlines in the workplace. 25 more words

That Working Girl

Do it with a Smile

In a hustle-and-bustle-type world, it’s easy for people to get caught up in the little things and blow them out of proportion. It appears to happen in the workplace all the time. 243 more words

"That Disney Feeling"

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

Imagine a world in which you wake up every day, excited to go to work. 190 more words

KFC Crisis: Pass or Fail?

This story pulls at my heart strings a little more than the average PR situation, but a PR professional can’t let too many personal emotions get in the way during PR practice. 637 more words

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Working Girl How To: Banning Your Insecurities

That Working Girl contributor Uchechi Iroha has a thing or two to say about saying goodbye to your biggest insecurities that are holding you back from life and career fulfillment – for good! 422 more words

That Working Girl

Someone Made a Headline, But What Happens Next Will Catch Your Attention

We’ve all seen these sensational link headlines strewn across our Facebook news feeds. It’s the same thing every time: something occurs, “but you won’t believe what happens next,” “but what happened next brought me to tears.” Personally, I find them very annoying. 272 more words