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Motivational Mondays!!

I’m back!!! Enjoy your Monday peeps! Ciao!

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1 + 1 = Stress

Last week, I was fortunate enough to accept the role of Director of Client Relations for Cardinal Communications for the upcoming 2014-2015 year. I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am to fully immerse myself in this new role. 188 more words

How To: Mastering Your First Sponsored Post

For most bloggers, turning blogging into a profitable venture is mixed into the grand scheme of things. Although I personally don’t know any bloggers who started their site with the sole intent of generating revenue, it’s certainly one of the perks that comes along with garnering a large and loyal following. 516 more words

That Working Girl

Dressing For: A PR Presentation

It’s springtime, and senior PR capstone presentations are just around the corner for many up-and-coming grads. I remember my own presentation like it was just yesterday – the countless hours of client work, revising and re-revising the Powerpoint and gathering all of the media clips that served as evidence of my hard work. 337 more words

That Working Girl

Nonprofit Career Aspritations: Money vs Humanity

One of my favorite quotes comes from who says Cornel West (2008), “peacocks strut because they cannot fly.” This quote motivates me towards my future career aspirations in the nonprofit sector. 629 more words

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PR Problem: Samsung, Selfies, and Ethics

Keeping in line with last week’s post on selfes, Samsung is having a PR problem with their use of selfies as a publicity tool. 

This past Tuesday, when the Boston Red Sox were visiting the White House, David Ortiz spontaneously took a selfie with the President, a day after becoming spokesperson for the company. 220 more words

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Outcome Unknown

You’ve just interviewed for a very important job you’ve been pursuing for years. The stakes are high. You have no idea what the results will be. 177 more words