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How to find the right reporters to pitch

In the PR over Coffee blog I tend to focus a lot of time on how to make your business newsworthy, reach out to busy reporters and create effective press releases. 1,675 more words

Small Business PR

How a PR Campaign can drive your SEO Strategy for Organic Search Success

The fields of public relations and search engine optimization, once considered separate, are becoming ever more closely aligned. There are several reasons for this, chief of these being recent changes in Google’s search engine algorithms. 427 more words

Erika Kauffman

Nude pics of Kim Kardashian are lewd (but shrewd) PR

Kim Kardashian’s nude photos on Paper mag made as big a splash on the Internet as the sexually suggestive spewing bottle of Champagne did in a foamy arc around her. 1,187 more words


PR Strategy Proves Vital to Youth Oasis Campaign

The word strategy is defined as “a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.” People and organizations all over the world develop strategies every day to help them achieve their personal or corporate objectives. 401 more words

Why Sponsorship is a Great PR Strategy

While TV commercials are staple marketing tools, they do have a major drawback: since they’re broadcast, they’re seen by both would-be buyers and indifferent viewers alike. 204 more words


Influencing Buyer 2.0: Aligning PR to the Buyers Journey

Buyers – businesses, consumers and governments — are changing their behaviors, driven by changes in the communications channels and technologies they use to research purchases and share information with peers, bringing new opportunities and challenges for public relations to the fore. 436 more words

Integrated Marketing

What's the difference between PR and advertising?

Many small business owners are often left confused and clueless about the difference between PR and advertising. It’s a rare week that passes without me getting asked how my PR services can get some great “ads” in the local news. 1,339 more words