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The Real Price We All Pay for “Brand Journalism”

The historical roots of journalism, now encompassing all mass media, were nurtured by its role as The Fourth Estate; the independent public watchdog that keeps in check the three major democratic “estates” of power (in Britain the houses of Parliament, in America the three branches of government). 404 more words

In The Media: 10 Tips For Writing a Bylined Article

It’s one of the first requests I get from clients: “I want to be in the media.” Now, that can mean a lot of things. It can mean: 773 more words


Re-Thinking the “Best B2B Advertisement of the 20th Century”

In 1958, Gilbert Morris – an account executive at the Fuller Smith & Ross ad agency – created the, “I don’t know who you are,” business-to-business advertisement for McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. 218 more words

There Is A Reason We Do What We Do

#TBT to the first day of Fundamentals of Public Relations. Being an advertising focused student, I didn’t anticipate much interest in the course; that was, until it began. 450 more words


Successful Content Marketing: Promotion and Distribution NOT Optional

A new survey conducted by PR Newswire and Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reveals some clear areas of distinction between effective and less effective content marketers. According to Robert Rose, chief content strategist for CMI, although the results show that even those on the lower end of the effectiveness spectrum are promoting a variety of content types, the more effective content marketers spend more to build their audience while the least effective content marketers struggle to use content to drive sales and revenue. 734 more words

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High time for pot PR

Okay, all puns aside, the rapidly burgeoning pot industry is ripe for the picking from a variety of perspectives, and PR is certainly no exception. 1,415 more words


Uber Controversy: How PR could have saved Uber from itself

By this time you have probably heard how Uber has gotten itself crosswise with many in the tech and business news media. Its latest controversy centers around Sarah Lacy… 1,390 more words