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Ponderings on PR #5: Dealing with death

Considering my new career path and the many questions it throws up, especially among journalist/theatre friends, I thought it might be an idea to write… 548 more words


Snap snap. Snapchat gets newsy with Discover

Have you updated Snapchat? For the snap happy ones of us in the office that did, we were confronted with the most interesting feature yet – Discover. 273 more words

A few thoughts on using technology in a PR campaign

This module’s lessons focused on a variety of location-based services. As an assignment, I was tasked with doing some personal research on a few of the featured apps and reporting back, sharing my biggest learning and giving a couple of examples of how a public relations (PR)campaign could use these platforms. 744 more words

What is PR?

If I had a pound for every time someone has asked me what PR is then well… you know..

Back in sixth form when I told friends, family and even teachers that I had decided that I wanted a career in PR, it was usually met with responses such as “P what?”, “that’s like lying to make things sound better, right?” and most commonly: “oh, like Max Clifford?!”.Truthfully, I couldn’t even come up with a short, accurate description to correct them as I didn’t fully understand it myself, so I mostly resorted to “it’s all about getting things good attention from the media”. 311 more words


Hello February...

Finally, January is over!

It’s been such a stressful month… It all started with a sinus infection that had managed to spread to other parts of my face (gross, I know!), and then I had to move all of my stuff back down to Bournemouth ready for my exams after a three and a half week break. 251 more words


A Career Defining Day

There are moments in your career that are professionally defining. The traditional markers of success on the conventional career ladder: graduation, your first job and coveted promotions are important milestones but they’re not always the moments that matter. 727 more words


Làm thế nào để bắt đầu việc kinh doanh online? (Phần 3)

Phần 3: Quản lý tài chính

Rất nhiều chủ shop ban đầu cảm thấy việc quản lý tài chính rất dễ dàng và sau đó, shop online của họ biến mất sau vài tháng hoạt động. 1,772 more words

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