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Stop Phubbing

Phubbing has become imbedded into the everyday life of every individual. When catching public transport, in a lecture, in a meeting or even within personal conversations. 461 more words


5 tips on how to become the best PR student in the country!

So we’re already a month into the new university year; we have a vague idea what we’re supposed to do for the hundreds of assignments we’ve been set and we’re thinking to ourselves “hmm..maybe I should step at least one foot into the library this week”. 607 more words

Undergraduate Students

Crisis Management

When working in the public relations field, having to utilize your skills in crisis management is as inevitable as getting a massive headache after babysitting my neighbors kids for three hours. 698 more words


Crisis Management

“If there’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call..?”(Ray Parker Jr., 1984). Your PR crisis management team! This team takes charge whenever there is a crisis within the company that is affecting the image of the business or its relationship with its community. 796 more words


The Hiatus is Over

Okay, so I wasn’t really on hiatus but as an aspiring music industry worker I’d like to think I was in some ironic sort of way. 276 more words

6 Months On, Going Strong

October 17 marked the 6 month mark here at Indie Film Sprites. There would have been cake and frivolity, however I currently have the worst case of bronchitis I’ve had since I was a child! 900 more words


Venturing down the rabbit hole of job-hunting...

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since I got my results. I now have a Masters (with Merit!) in Public Relations. I am still in shock but it’s finally beginning to process and I am bursting with pride. 825 more words