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3 Key Tools To Master For Real Time Engagement

Engagement is the new real-time

 To deliver the right content at the right time and at the right place has become the focal point of digital marketing these past years. 463 more words


Together we're apart. 4 reasons on why & how to use separate Twitter accounts?

Last week a product manager came up to me and told me he was moving jobs within the company. He asked me who would take care of the dedicated Twitter account he has set up two years ago during the launch of a new product for a new target market. 1,319 more words


Budget Leftovers? Why Not Spend Them on a Helping of PR?

Leftovers are part of the holidays…after those big dinners, there are bound to be some goodies left to gobble up. But what about your budget leftovers? 521 more words


Whether it's pulling pints for your fans or sending them personalised gifts, do something to retain your valued customers

Borussia Dortmund are one of the biggest football clubs in Germany but this season they have been falling well below expectations. After winning just 3 of their opening 13 matches it would have surprised no one if their fans had turned on the players, manager or anyone else at the club. 698 more words


The Washington Redskins PR Nightmare

The Redskins need to change their team name. At this point there’s little sensible argument that exists saying otherwise. The team’s owner Dan Snyder is still refusing to change the name of his team, but the pressure is building. 281 more words

Ponderings on PR #3: You probably think this blog is about you...

Considering my new career path and the many questions it throws up, especially among journalist/theatre friends, I thought it might be an idea to write… 459 more words