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Note to self: Never again check to see if an electrical outlet is working by inserting two ends of a paperclip.

Did I really do that? 540 more words


3 More Notes We'd Like To See In "Glitter Bombs"

Yesterday, we wrote about a company that will send envelopes with a note to anyone you want.

The envelopes are also full of glitter, so opening the note results in a craft-store-like mess. 39 more words


Colloquial Therapy: The Evolution of the Prank

I try to find an air of colloquiality in all things around me; it’s a bad habit.  Names of people, objects or places are all subdivided with colorful, interpretive, and sometimes redacted replacements of my own choosing.  723 more words


Practical Jokes and the Workplace: Tips for the Victim

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been examining reasons to avoid playing practical jokes both in the workplace and elsewhere. While it may be a good idea for us to avoid engaging in such activities, however, that doesn’t mean that others won’t try to pull us in. 644 more words

Christians In The Workplace

Practical Jokes and the Workplace: Four Points to Consider

Last week in “A Caution”, I shared the story of a practical joke gone wrong… and advised that the best way to execute a prank in the workplace is not to execute one at all. 726 more words

Christians In The Workplace

The Kidney Stone

Nothing is funny about an unpassable kidney stone. Nothing.

I know. I had one in 1996, when I was 27.

The pain was like an ice pick jammed through my ear drum. 873 more words

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Practical Jokes Videos

Check out our youtube channel for all of our videos that we have posted on the blog, plus extras! Below are some of the practical jokes we have played on each other in the past…Including a Scavenger Hunt I had Crab go on when I found out I was pregnant with our youngest:) 49 more words