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Great Bathroom Moments, Vol. 217: The Travails and Ultimate Glory of Jeff Francoeur

So this is the kind of thing that happens to you when you’re the nicest guy in baseball. First, the deaf thing, now the bathroom thing. 1,211 more words

Practical Jokes

My evil... and funny... plan to mess with people at my wife's high school reunion went really well, thanks for asking.

They tried to give me a name tag, but I turned the card over, and signed it like this…

HA! That is so generic it could be any name at all.  156 more words


The Secret of Itchy Boobs

If you are offended by any of the following:

  • Boobs
  • Itchy Boobs
  • Nipples
  • Chlamydia
  • Practical Jokes

then I recommend you stop reading here.

———-STOP HERE———- 62 more words


Willie is coming to town... and I am as happy as a clam... whatever the heck that really means...

It is going to be a busy weekend. It is my wife’s high school reunion. And some of you may remember that Big Johnny, Willie’s dad, is an old school friend of my wife. 155 more words


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering

I think so, Brain … but how will we get the whoopee cushion into the Oval Office?


I Only Wanted to Be Their Friend

Submitted by Russ Towne.

“I only wanted to be their friend,” Chris thought to himself.
He joined the popular boys’ organization after his family moved away from his other school and friends. 687 more words


Head after Head

I am a little obsessed with this video. I have watched it now 5 times and I could watch it again and still laugh just as hard. 331 more words