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Puppet Dog Scares Dogs In Park [Video]

“Just For Gags” is back with another fun gag.

The crew went to a park and set up a dog puppet with a bone, and when other dogs began sniffing it out, the puppet barked to protect the toy. 16 more words


My Pheromonal Attraction

I read the other day with raised eyebrows about a new dating service in the UK: Pheromone Parties. “The idea,” according to the BBC… 1,549 more words


Band-Camp Survivor!

Oh the joy of seeing young people learning how to march to different songs is absolutely amazing! Watching them learn their roles, line by line, creating formations that intrigue and boggle the mind is really something to behold. 592 more words

Reading & Writing

Would You Date Casper the Ghost?

Ghost Writing (words you compose but are later credited to someone else!) is listed as one of the offered services on my business card.   “Yes!  Please claim my original words as your own!”  Why this isn’t illegal, (or at least unethical?) I will never understand.  965 more words

Dating Profiles

Great Bathroom Moments, Vol. 217: The Travails and Ultimate Glory of Jeff Francoeur

So this is the kind of thing that happens to you when you’re the nicest guy in baseball. First, the deaf thing, now the bathroom thing. 1,211 more words

Practical Jokes

My evil... and funny... plan to mess with people at my wife's high school reunion went really well, thanks for asking.

They tried to give me a name tag, but I turned the card over, and signed it like this…

HA! That is so generic it could be any name at all.  156 more words