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Here's How One Enterprising Woman Tricked Reddit Users Into Masturbating To Her Husband's Butt

I’ve personally never visited /r/gonewild, the seedy underbelly of Reddit’s subreddits, but I’ve heard the tales of depravity and horror that are to be found there. 285 more words

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And The Wish Goes To...

One of the bonuses of writing a blog is that it provides a special way to say Happy Birthday to friends and family members.

In the three years since my classmate, Donna, and I reconnected, she’s been mentioned in several of my blog posts. 110 more words

Traveling Days

The Joke's On You, Part III

I have always had a unique love of practical jokes.  From the time that I learned what a practical joke was I have been drawn to playing them on other people and having them played on me in my turn.   1,885 more words


The Joke's On You, Part II

Halloween was a special time in my neighborhood of East San Diego when I was a child.  I grew up there in the 1950’s and 1960’s when things were more simple, in my world at least.   1,994 more words


Ramblings, part 7, Miscellaneous-Practical Joke Target

By Hal Collier

Hal is a thirty-five year veteran of LAPD. We are pleased he is sharing his stories with us.


The following story is true. 973 more words

Law Enforcement

The Joke's On You, Part I

When I was young I lived in a neighborhood of practical jokers.  There were some who’s mischief ran to the malicious, to be sure, but by and large our pranks and practical jokes were harmless if occasionally quite shocking.   1,974 more words


Video: The Japanese Cream Ejaculation Game (Probably Safe for Work If Your Boss Thinks Your Weird Anyway)

Asians are praised in the United States by multiculturalists because of their ability to succeed economically. Many American white men are also sexually attracted to Asian women, which doesn’t hurt prospects for Asians. 88 more words