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Day 22 (v.2)


- I wish I knew about natural medicine. Like an apothecary or a witchy woman. Or Iza in Clan of the Cave Bear. That I could make a poultice or an elixir from roots and herbs that could cure ailments. 1,012 more words

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a collective power...

I was raised in the church. My entire world was encompassed by it, and no other weekend was more important than this one… Easter. The holy grail of Christendom… a 3-day powerhouse (after palm Sunday a week earlier, of course) of religious fervor. 599 more words


Can't Get Outside? Watch Tonight's Total Lunar Eclipse Live Here

At 3:07 a.m. E.T. Tuesday, the moon will show the bright red blush of an eclipse, a celestial phenomenon explained by TIME science editor Jeffrey Kluger… 38 more words

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One of my favorite romantic comedies was Practical Magic. This reminds me of the scene when Nicole Kidman says, "blood on the moon," but I can't remember what it meant. Dang it!

Revenge from Beyond the Grave in 'Practical Magic'

Written by Ruthie Weller-Passman

How far can a vengeful wish reach? In Griffin Dunne’s film Practical Magic (1998), revenge can be carried on beyond the grave itself. 730 more words


inspiration wednesday: we heart Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock is a goddess. her poise, her look, her humor, her style, her talent. she’s just fabulous! she has taken on so many fun roles, showing us different personalities and styles throughout the years- she was adorable and bumbling in  328 more words


A Touch of Practical Magic Workshop: TOMORROW!

If you have been wanting to step into the fun, NOW is the time! I’ll be leaving in an hour to go get our materials printed. 30 more words