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Muma Magic

A seasonal post: With Halloween just past us and the winter cold and dark fully arrived, i’d like to take this post to tell you that my mum is a Witch, well at least she thinks she is. 222 more words

Initial Feelings

Dear Mom,

‘Sup (lol) I’m feeling particularly useless today. I pretty much ate cake, read, and lounged in bed all day. It’s my first day off in a while. 254 more words


Happy Halloween!

Practical Magic has got to be one of my top Halloween staples. It’s up there with Candy Corn, fancy dress,trick-or-treating and Hocus Pocus. At its heart, Practical Magic is a film about using love to overcome curses and fix family bonds. 127 more words

Blog Post

The Re-Reading Project: Practical Magic

For more than two hundred years, the Owens women have been blamed for everything that has gone wrong in town. If a damp spring arrived, if cows in the pasture gave milk that was runny with blood, if a colt died of colic or a baby was born with a red birthmark stamped onto his cheek, everyone believed that fate must have been twisted, at least a little, by those women over on Magnolia Street.

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Pop Culture

DG's Favorite Halloween Movie Ladies

We at DG love Halloween, so to celebrate we thought “heck, let’s discuss some of our favorite ladies of the holiday” (or at least ones that make us get excited about such celebrating). 1,005 more words


Love Letter to L'Halloween

As I sit at home, on All Hallows’s Eve, comforted by the low, humming buzz of my own excitement for the glorious occasion set to arrive tonight, I realize – it is due time I write an official love letter to Halloween. 436 more words