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Solstice blessings ~

Now is the time to trust the magic of new beginnings ~


P for Plan

Someone asked me what I want to be when I grow up. It’s been twenty years since, and I’m still working on an answer.

This one woman won the lottery, she said the money she used to buy the ticket with was taken from a wallet she found on the street and she now feels so guilty about it she will donate twice the amount to charity. 195 more words

Norah Jones

Muma Magic

A seasonal post: With Halloween just past us and the winter cold and dark fully arrived, i’d like to take this post to tell you that my mum is a Witch, well at least she thinks she is. 222 more words

Initial Feelings

Dear Mom,

‘Sup (lol) I’m feeling particularly useless today. I pretty much ate cake, read, and lounged in bed all day. It’s my first day off in a while. 254 more words


Happy Halloween!

Practical Magic has got to be one of my top Halloween staples. It’s up there with Candy Corn, fancy dress,trick-or-treating and Hocus Pocus. At its heart, Practical Magic is a film about using love to overcome curses and fix family bonds. 127 more words

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