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The Birth & Baby philosophy...

 I have had two wonderful comments from midwives recently, which was wonderful validation of what I do – the first was from a community midwife who commented that my work with expectant and new parents is what her job used to be and the second was from a hospital midwife who said I was so maternal and calm. 311 more words

Antenatal Classes

Data Hipster

What you need to know:

  • Python
  • R
  • MySQL
  • Linux
My Sql

A Home Cistern

Excerpt from Practical Skills 1985

Where well water is not conveniently available in the country or is so hard that it rusts the plumbing out in only a few years, a cistern is not the old-fashioned impracticality most of us moderns believe. 1,020 more words

Practical Skills Series

Creating Affordable Housing: One Young Man's Solution

I love this story from the UK about a young man who doesn’t make much money but figured out a way to provide affordable shelter for himself. 28 more words


Bacon Eggs and Toast with lots of Butter

Last night the oldest two, Cole and Huck, had soccer practice. Afterwards I decided to swing by grandmas, my mom’s, to snip some Hydrangeas before nasty mister frost turned them black and made them no good for drying. 447 more words


Teaching Children to Work

Don’t miss this terrific article about how one dad is teaching his children to learn to work. A great read!


What's Going On With Jobs?

Charles Hugh Smith takes a jobs report from this summer and dissects it. Note in particular the chart that shows the three (of nine) job sectors that have actually expanded since 2000. 6 more words