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What's Going On With Jobs?

Charles Hugh Smith takes a jobs report from this summer and dissects it. Note in particular the chart that shows the three (of nine) job sectors that have actually expanded since 2000. 6 more words


Hackney Saga 2

Despite all the efforts I had put into making the WIS (Wenlock Barn Improvement Scheme) work, whilst I was in hospital that week my old area boss Joe Terry succeeded in scuppering the continuation of the scheme set up under the Government’s new initiatives. 1,539 more words


Practical Skills That People Once Knew

This article first appeared at Modern Survival Blog

By Ken Jorgustin

Here is a list of practical skills that people knew ‘back in the day’, that the majority of the population do not possess today. 290 more words


Quick reading and navigation in Korean writing

Rewind to 6:06

When presented with a lot of infomation audio and visual, there is no time to read by rules or do it right. 36 more words


Transforming Sustainability Education immersion

Students from Melbourne University’s Transforming Sustainability Education course participated in a Foodweb session at Brunswick North West Primary School on Friday.  They worked alongside the grade 3/4 students on their typical garden-based activities including pruning, mulching, cooking.   52 more words

Practical Skills

Getting to the truth about Gaza

At the onset of the 2008/9 Gaza ‘war’, I was sat watching the BBC News Channel’s coverage.  I’d never questioned the dominant view in the UK that Israel was rarely, if ever, in the wrong.   1,938 more words


Fire Prevention -- books and resources

One of the laws of my state is that fire prevention be included in home education.  We are very blessed to have a great library system (and we can borrow from libraries across the state) and I found an abundance of books on fire prevention written to children.   129 more words

Practical Skills