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Seven Days In - Thoughts on Warlords

So seven days have gone flying by since we passed beneath the portal…  Despite all the server “issues”, Mr Harpy and I arrived at the level cap on Sunday which I must admit surprised us both, especially since he was working Thursday and Friday. 625 more words


The A4 Meeting - My Favorite Task Management Tool

I am something of a believer in David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. It’s a great way to keep your life organized and take on new tasks without forgetting the ones you had on your plate in the first place. 549 more words

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Home Sweet Home - The Garrisons are coming

Given that I won’t be leveling straight away due to Mr Harpy’s work schedule, the first thing I’m probably going to do when I wake up on Thursday morning is start establishing Garrisons for the many Alts. 696 more words


Une école maternelle à Bruxelles Clap 2

Bon ben j’y suis allée, à cette fameuse présentation sur le système scolaire néerlandophone.

Petit compte-rendu pour celles qui ont eu peur de ne rien piger (tout le monde n’a pas la chance d’avoir épousé un blondinet du Nord du pays). 566 more words


Hosting the Presence in a 60 Hour Work Week

Two hour soaking sessions in your office may or may not be appropriate in your place of work. If it is, great for you, but if you’re working for someone else and sitting a cubicle or place where you can easily be interrupted you need to find some other ways to focus on His Presence throughout the day. 247 more words

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Defining Moments

Moses stands on the edge of the Red Sea. The people have been watching the approach of the Egyptian chariots all day. Rumors fly through the camp like daggers. 321 more words

Practical Stuff

Find beautiful shoes for your child in Brussels - an epic challenge

Children’s shoes stores are scarce in the city centre.

Last week, Emma needed some preppy shoes for a special occasion, so we went for what I didn’t expect to be such a long journey. 466 more words