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The Seeing Eye -- A New Approach to Getting Organized

I wrote in another post titled Organization is Not Administration about how God started teaching me to organize things. I want to step into that a little more today. 685 more words

Being A Conqueror

Holding Hands

If you’re married, you need to read this article by R.C. Sproul, Jr.! Please read it. You’ll be glad you did.


Sobbing at the Water Cooler

I remember a particular period when I was often feeling the Presence during work hours to the point that I would begin crying in the course of building an Excel sheet or answering email. 117 more words


Filling the Toybox - Part 1

One of my favourite new additions to Warcraft is the Toy Box. I find myself almost wishing that I didn’t have to wait another few days for the next patch before this feature is released into my hot little hands. 1,148 more words


The Brewfest and the Toybox: A Word of Warning

Despite wanting to fill my forthcoming Toybox as quickly as possible, I nearly made a silly and rather sloppy error. Yes, I committed that cardinal sin of assuming I had done something when the truth turned out to be the opposite. 60 more words


Beta - First Attempt at the Proving Grounds mark II

Today on logging onto the Beta I noticed that my Garrison was offering me a quest to go and try the Proving Grounds and perhaps more importantly offering me a new and shiny weapon for completing the Bronze wave in any of the disciplines. 400 more words


The Cuckoo Clock Syndrome

Hearing the voice of God in the Word of God – the Bible – can become, if we’re not careful, like having a cuckoo clock, living in the flight path of an airport, or living next to train tracks. 370 more words

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