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We love to grow our own fruit and veg and we have quite a lot of success with berries. Because I have mobility issues, I can only manage to grow in pots however pot growing is easier for a child to get to grips with. 241 more words

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We have been living on Tomahawk for a week now (which is a good excuse for the lack of posting). There are still a lot of things to do to get settled in, so we are busy: buying propane, hooking up a battery/electrical system, scraping and painting the bottom, cleaning inside and out, organizing our stuff into bins and compartments, etc. 105 more words

Getting Started

Step 1. Just add water...

It seems obvious, however upon realising that one of my plants wasn’t being fed water – It became clear to me that the reason this plant was the runt of the litter was that the ‘Hydro’ bit of hydroponics wasn’t happening. 7 more words

Practical Stuff

Sermon in a Sentence

I had the privilege of preaching on 1 Peter 4:7 this morning called “Pray.” Here is a summary of my sermon in one sentence: In light of the end of all things, be clear-minded and self-controlled people of prayer.


Productivity Boost on Macs with Quicksilver

Here’s a quick post about enhancing your productivity in OS X. Along the lines of the Vim philosophy, that it should be easy to navigate between things and you shouldn’t need to reach out for the mouse, I’ve set up a simple workflow that I use to switch between open applications at a blazing speed. 284 more words

Practical Stuff

Let me start off by saying, I am the undisputed LORD of the thermostat.

I like it cold in the house. My philosophy has always been that if folks are too cold, they can always put on extra clothes. 458 more words

Polyamory Stuffs

Budgets and Food and Growth Spurts (Oh My!)

Growing up, we had five biological members of the family, with two or more friends-bordering-on-siblings staying with us and dropping in for meals at any given time. 317 more words

Polyamory Stuffs