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Anything for You, My Love!

It is a great feeling to be loved, to be in Love, to be someone’s eye candy, to always be running around in their thoughts, not bothering to leave them even when they are asleep and intrude them sweetly in their dreams. 895 more words

Google Docs

My overall experience with using Google Docs was simple and easy. Being someone who uses Google Docs for literally everything, I was already familiar with how the program works. 300 more words

Dear Diary: ‘Life is taking the Life out of Me’

The subject of reality has been constantly on my mind as I’ve experienced some huge changes in my life recently. In my previous post I was questioning – and somewhat rebelling – against the frequent claim by others that marriage would kick me swiftly into the… 836 more words

What works v. what is right

People almost always do what works rather than what is right. Charities continually target the generous while leaving the selfish alone. Likewise, we all tend to accommodate the wishes of demanding, aggressive people rather than those who are patient and kind. 28 more words

Self Accomplishment

Figuring out what “achievements” you have reached is not that hard since it comes from outside, by reference to an average and approval from different perspectives. 127 more words


25 Creative Bedroom Workspaces With Style And Practicality

Adding a workspace to your bedroom can be a tricky affair and some homeowners preferring to keep any electronic distractions away from the bedroom. Others though will tell you that the bedroom is probably the best place in the house to create a home office that is private and free from any…