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God in the Chasm

If we consider the moments in the Gospels when Jesus speaks about the relationship between our current lives and what is yet to come, we see an interesting trend: Jesus frequently uses the coming resurrection and judgment as a way to instruct us on our present lives. 1,023 more words



“Follow simple instructions”

Anyone who has taken a Pranic Healing course will have heard these words. Follow simple instructions. This captures perfectly one of the things I love about Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga – on the winding, long, sometimes thorny path that spiritual development can be, we are spared a lot of trouble thanks to the people who went before, made the mistakes, tried out a lot of various ways and can now help us make at least fewer mistakes. 572 more words


(#238) Practicality Over Bean Counting

If all we do is look for the “research to inform our actions”
we will drown in an ever-rising sea of mind-numbing numbers,
tables, graphs, and pontifications for more research. 729 more words

Critical Thinking

Choosing the Practical Path

I am a prime example of someone who has chosen the practical path. I chose a practical major for my bachelor degree, one that would pretty much guarantee I would get a job shortly after graduating. 754 more words


Reflection on Achievements as an Educator: Year 2

Admist the trials and tribulations of assignments and exams, my second year at McGill provided me with the first opportunity for me to really gain a sense of what it meant to be a teacher. 764 more words


Timeless Kitchen Compositions Fuse Aesthetics with Practicality

Designing the perfect modern kitchen involves bringing together a wide range of elements that include form, function and smart storage solutions. With the kitchen becoming a natural extension of the living area and an integral part of its visual in contemporary homes, shaping a beautiful…