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Love is Compassionate.

Monday is a day for expressing love through being compassionate.

It is very easy to confuse compassion with sympathy.

Sympathy expresses pity for someone’s predicament or experience. 31 more words


Packing for International Travel

Martinis are an international drink, but transporting martini glasses in your hold luggage on an international flight can be difficult. Nonetheless, I will not go without a martini or two on my holidays so I had to work out a plan. 157 more words

The Diary

Avoid Involvement in Vain Competition.

Friday is a day for considering if what you do is fuelled by a desire to win over other people.

Are you involved in vain competition with others—always trying to out do them? 49 more words


Serving in Your Community.

Thursday is a day to consider how you can serve in your community.

The word “community” can mean “to come into unity”.

What could you contribute that will help to bring people into unity, to unite them? 22 more words


Strive to be Harmonious.

Wednesday is a day to strive for harmony in your life.

You cannot always eliminate people from your life who know how to press your buttons to cause you to lose your harmony. 45 more words


It's In The Bag

“Here’s what happens with a purse. You start small. You start pledging yourself to neatness. You start vowing that This Time It Will Be Different. You start with the things you absolutely need—your wallet and a few cosmetics that you have actually put into a brand-new shiny cosmetics bag, the kind used by your friends who are competent enough to manage more than one purse at a time. 916 more words


We Value Practicality

These are some brief notes related to my September 21 sermon, part of our series on the “Seven Values” that guide us as a church. 427 more words
Michael Pahl