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Questing for perfection

Perhaps I’m a little fussy but the perfect boots are hard to find.

Putting The World To Rights

What if Money Were No Object--Is That The Right Question?

Yesterday I was reading this post by a acquaintance of mine who is a musician and speaker. It’s a good post, go check it out. The author of that post embeds this YouTube video, which is rather poignant and also rather short, so it’s well worth watching: 2,874 more words


How Do You People Live Like This?

(does that count as a clickbait title? I do hope not)

As you are undoubtedly aware by this point (and if not, I truly mean what I’m about to say), I detest jeans and everything they stand for, instead choosing to wear the much more comfortable, practical, and indeed humble, tracksuit trouser. 546 more words


Let’s create a KAIZEN database


I’m interested in compiling a kaizen database; this is what I’m currently doing for English language teaching/learning because that’s my field (i.e., linguistics). I think this can be done in many other fields, as I believe we need a clear method of managing the information we have acquired so far. 537 more words