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Why is Freedom Needed?

Saturday is the day to pursue freedom, to use your freewill correctly.

Freedom is necessary :—

—so that you can attain peace.

—so you can create your own life’s experiences. 59 more words


Purify Your Intentions.

Friday is the day to purify your intentions.

Are your intentions selfish?

Will they harm yourself or another part of life?

Will they contribute to the good of all? 19 more words


Relieving Mental Stress. (5)

Thursday is a day to strive for peace.

Mental stress can rob you of your peace.

To relieve any mental stress you may be experiencing, consider your environment and possessions. 72 more words


Gratitude For Life's Opportunities.

Wednesday is the day to be grateful for the opportunities that Life presents you with daily.

Although you have misused God’s energy through your wrong free choices, each day gives you the opportunity to face your mistakes and to put things right and transmute this negative… 57 more words


Changing Your Feelings.

Tuesday is the day to consider if you need to change the way you express your feelings or emotions.

The ability to express how you feel is one of your creative faculties. 68 more words

Personal Development

Hatred Blocks the Flow of Love.

Monday is the day to let love flow in and through you to God and other people.

Love can be blocked in your heart by the harboring of hatred in your thoughts and through the expression of hatred in your daily life. 51 more words


How Does the World Work?

Sunday is the day to seek knowledge of the way the world works so you can bring yourself into line with it.

The Universe is governed by physical and spiritual laws put into place by God. 134 more words