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We need all kinds of theories in order to live an ever flowing transient practical realities of life. One can apply all its contents of theories in to practical life, which is unavoidable to certain extent to the practicality of our existence. 43 more words

The Practicality of Learning

Show me a man who is able to quote page, chapter, and paragraph from a book, and I will tell you that he is a learned man in that he knows how to read and is capable of memorizing what he has read. 132 more words

Daily Living

The Practicality of Purchasing Used Medical Equipment over New Ones

Even though purchasing used medical equipment might seem odd to the uninitiated, it is, in fact, quite common. The medical field requires the use of specialized equipment, and it is not practical to keep throwing away and buying new set-ups every time. 116 more words


The Obsession with Utility

The bias of Englishman to practical skill has reacted on the national mind. They are incapable of an inutility, and respect the five mechanic powers even in their song… No poet dares murmur of beauty out of the precinct of his rhymes.

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Christian Thought/Living

31 day challenge day 7

What is in your handbag?

Er… actually it’s empty (save perhaps the odd bus ticket or tissue). You see I hardly ever think to use my handbag (special events only). 80 more words


Two car family

A comment on my HDi post has instigated this one, so thank you dear friend for giving my head food for fodder!

Up until yesterday, Hubby and I have always had a vehicle each except for a few months when he was working night security and had the use of a company van. 700 more words

My Life

See The Light

Just 20 days since she moved to Mumbai, her life went completely upside down. It is one thing to imagine the future and one thing to actually experience it. 214 more words