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Relieving Mental Stress.(1)

Thursday is a day for striving for peace.

Mental stress in your life will rob you of peace.

To relieve mental stress, different things will work for different people. 86 more words

Personal Development


Wednesday is a day to be grateful for the abundance of every good thing in your life.

Your gratitude should be directed towards God who is your Source and the Giver of all good things. 52 more words


The Constant Traveler

Traveling makes me feel alive. I feel all new coming back home from places I’ve visited. Going to different places, learning different culture, blending with the locals daily activities and sharing my passion to other travelers just make me crave for more.  287 more words


Making Decisions.

Tuesday is the day to take some time to consider if you need to make any changes in your life.

Since you have free will you are the only one who can decide what to do with your life. 167 more words


The Test of Love.

Monday is the day for the expression of love.

All through life’s experiences you will be presented with situations and people.

You will have to face the choice of reacting with love or with expressions that are less than love, such as anger, hatred, resentment. 46 more words


What Is Life All About.

Sunday is the day for seeking wisdom.

Life can seem very complicated and it can be difficult to know what life is all about.

The wisdom of the world can only help you if you are seeking to follow the ways of the world. 91 more words


Being Free.


Saturday is the day for forging your personal freedom.

The first requirement is that you must accept full responsibility for your own life.

No more blaming God or other people when things do not go your way. 54 more words