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Your Personal Power.

Tuesday is the day to remember that you have personal power through your ability to think, feel, speak and take action and thus you can make choices. 63 more words


Express Love through Kindness.

Monday is the day to express love.

You can do this through your kind words and actions.

By being sensitive to the needs of others, you can always find some kind word to say or some kind act to perform to encourage them.


Law of Love.

Sunday is the day for reminding yourself of God’s Laws.

We should all be governed by the Law of Love.

If we do not walk in love in all our experiences then we become subject to the Law of Karma. 12 more words


Refining Your Skills.

Saturday is the day to consider your purpose in life.

It is the day to spend time recognizing, developing and refining your gifts and skills so that you can make a positive contribution to your family and community. 50 more words


Get Organized!

Friday is a day to get organized, to look at all areas of your life and work out the practical details.

It is a time for forward planning, to spend time looking at your next project and outlining the steps you need to take towards its completion. 16 more words


Gil: Would you read it?
Ernest Hemingway: Your novel?
Gil: Yeah, it’s about 400 pages long, and I’m just looking for an opinion. 58 more words


Service with a Smile!

Thursday is the day for giving service to God and your fellowman.

Giving service to others is an excellent way to transmute your karma but it needs to be given willingly and joyfully and not out of a sense of duty. 26 more words