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Less of an art journal and more of a sketchbook, to be honest

When I previously shared my art journal, I had a really insightful comment from a friend that poked at the differences between an art journal and a sketchbook. 508 more words

This Project Is Officially Finished

A Week In Hell

Hey Boredoms!

Has been quite a few days since I posted , right? 4 days to be precise :P I’m not going to make any excuses, I’m a pretty (very) lazy person so I’ve been putting it off. 377 more words



Speaking skills, it’s what defines the efficacy of our  daily communication. To the extent, poor speaking skill causes depressions, anxieties and frustrations. Non-native speakers chose not to socialize with native speakers, so to speak of the embarrassing outcome, that is, to be misunderstood.  282 more words

Do you stumble over your own feet? Precision doesn't have that option!

Some people are generally clumsy.  That is an opposite of being sure-footed.  My husband, who is 6ft 5inches is often asked if he was a basketball player.   433 more words

Boyer Writes

Flipping Eggs

While I was dating a chef and watching him cook daily and nightly, it suddenly dawned on me how little cooking skills I had. The chef boyfriend moved quickly, expertly, and flawlessly in the kitchen, while I barely stepped foot in it. 646 more words



This is my struggle.

This question hangs over everything I do – whether I’m sitting at my desk, or trying to dig into my plow stops, or even while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning. 746 more words

Roller Derby