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Check for duplicates in array, printing them out and the number of duplicates found in a map

Strategy: Use each value in array as a key in map and value as the number of times it occured, then print out every keypair that has a value greater than 1 and keep track using a counter for the number of duplicates… 134 more words


Improv Project - Day 5

After a unplanned couple days off because I went to New Jersey and spent some time on the beach, I’m back on track.  Today, I did the two notes a day again, but with a different interval, and I explored some different ideas.   116 more words


Your Swimmer is Going to be a Brainiac!

Can you say, SCHOLARSHIP?

Our job teaching students at SWIMkids USA is so worth it. We’re both saving lives and preparing our students for successful college careers… 194 more words

Drowning Prevention

Manga Art - 7/30/14

My wife bought me a book on introduction to Manga Art. I had gotten a few from the library and liked them. I’ve been practicing for a few days and here is one of my first pictures. 17 more words



Practicing #peacock with a strap is so satisfying. I believe I can fly!

Peace and pauses, aloft, with help,
Yoga Nag
#practice #yoga #yoganag #yogaeverydamnday


Wednesday 073014


Crossfit Style Hang Power Cleans


Snatch: 6 x 1 @ 60%

Clean: 5 x 1 @ 60%

Back Squat: 3 x 6 @ 40% 46 more words


A few questions...

A Few Questions

by Rick Hanson
In this life, what do you really care about?
Looking back, what has mattered to you? Looking ahead, what do you want to keep on the front burner? 247 more words