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another screen cap from the fun practice in the studio…


Coding Tips - Regex optimization in C#

In programming, manipulating strings can have serious impacts on your program performance, especially when using regular expression (regex). From what I found (links at the end), C# is not the best programming language to do this kind of operations. 441 more words

Development Practices

Haiku - (11/27/2014)

Yes! Gold is heavy!

Yes! Possessions are heavy!

What is not heavy?


Beauty is the key to opening the heart...

So remind yourself daily:

There is beauty you have not yet seen.

There is sound that carries consciousness into heavenly spheres.

There is fragrance more exquisite than the rarest incense.

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The Habit of Not Having Habits

I used to be proud for being the kind of person that has no habits. Not having the habits to eat the same breakfast everyday, not having preferred routine or fixed schedule at all, not having a preferred time to study, and all those kind of stuff …. 369 more words


Practicing Ease

Lately I’ve been cultivating a new practice skill – bringing joy and ease into situations when I’m really tired and worn out.  This isn’t an all together new practice for me but perhaps a better way to put it is that I’m delving into a deeper level of it.   489 more words


Staying fresh between acting jobs

We all know the feeling: your show ended 3 weeks ago, you don’t have anything else lined up yet, and you’re back into the grind of working at your day job. 770 more words