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How I train.

Many people ask me how I train or how my practice as an ultratrail runnerlooks like. Here is a little preview…

The coach

When I started running I worked with Energy Lab. 278 more words

Workshop Task

In a recent workshop we were assigned the task of getting a single pixel colour value from an image. Below I will discuss how I achieved this. 190 more words

Design Iterations

Seminar Example

For a seminar recently we were asked to bring in some work which we had found or created to show what direction we are heading in for our final project or the sort of themes which we would like to explore. 254 more words

Design Iterations

Overlap to Interlock

As of two nights ago, my coach suggested I change my grip from overlap to interlock. I have very hesitantly agreed to give it a decent two week commitment! 138 more words

Practice c.2014 CE


Pre-New Years style practice. I got new Photoshop brushes that week and was beyond stoked about it. (Image references included) The last one was an original I meant to finish, but forgot about because everyday brings a new fascination. 17 more words


Never the same thing twice

There would be no other way to say this,
I want the feelings you brought me
Back into my hemisphere—
To break into my hardened shell anew; 52 more words

© Elaarciaga

The Key Is Consistency

“Success in any area of your life will come as a result of the disciplines you choose to implement over and over day after day.”