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Imagine Cloud: Practice Will Weather the Storm

Today, instead of a video, I want to talk about a very important thing which should be common sense for a lot of people, but I didn’t realize how important it was until lately. 363 more words

Sunset Media Wave

why on earth

Life is well lived by using sportsmanship because we loose a lot of battles in a normal life. A true sports person is fair and generous when dealing with others on and off of the field, court, or table. 184 more words

Living Life

Practicing: An Art Of It's Own

To practice is to perfect, to perfect is to practice. But there is no true perfection… right? So how can we be practicing towards something that isn’t attainable? 515 more words


Manjushri and the Three Vehicles

In the MP3, Manjushri and the Three Vehiclesfrom the collection of Venerable Chodron’s, Manjushri Sadhana and Commentary – Dharma Friendship Foundation Talks, she gives an overview of the whole of Buddhism. 131 more words


Magic Is Illegal In Saudi Arabia

Sorcery / Magic

2 maids were sentenced to a decade in prison & a 1000 lashes each for practicing magic in their employer’s. house

Over 500 people have been prosecuted for practicing magic since 2009… 42 more words


Listening & Learning

We are in an age of “saving time,” faster this and faster that. Over the past 20 years it has become clearly apparent that practicing and engaging in the Dharma is a “slow-cooker.”  There are no magic pills or get-rich-quick schemes.   118 more words


Getting in the Mood

These past few weeks have been full of little moments of preparation. Not only have I been preparing in terms of paperwork (see previous posts) but there has also been an element of mentally preparing myself for the challenges and difficulties of living in a country where the main language is not my native one. 601 more words