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I’m still practicing the alphabet, I can read most of the stuff but some of the letters are still a bit difficult for me, especially to write on the keyboard because it’s difficult to form some of the signs. 34 more words


How to DO MaTh

How to “DO” MaTh

1. First, GET ORGANIZED.  You need a place for your MaTh!  Put together a notebook that includes a place to write down assignments and important dates, a place for notes, homework, and returned papers.   383 more words

kitted-up Madsen, cold weather, lice redux, sibling balance

It is quite cold for the west coast, literally freezing this morning. Yesterday was only brisk, however, and I went to pick up our cargo bike from the shop where it’s been being upgraded, and I rode it home. 694 more words

On playing music in airports

A few years back I was staying in Philadelphia with a bassoonist friend of mine, when he mentioned that he likes to practice in the airport during layovers. 293 more words


Audition reflection

Finally I have a bit of time and I thought I would post about my Navy Band audition nearly three (!) months ago.  If you don’t feel like reading a lot today, here’s is the long story short…I felt extremely prepared, and I probably played the best I’ve ever played in an audition for a long time.   1,115 more words


5 Things They Don't Teach You in Music School

Studying music is the absolute best thing I ever did in my life.  I loved college and I loved graduate school.  I thrived in that environment and am so much a better musician for having survived!   887 more words