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Adrian Quevedo: Neurofeedback Practitioner - AHP Institute

”I was always interested in the brain and how it works,” said Quevedo, founder and chief executive officer of Advanced Health & Performance Institute (AHPI) in Orlando, and with a new location in Winter Park. 10 more words

Modern Trends: Practitioners Replace Consumers

If you wanted to be a doctor in the mid-1800’s, all you needed was a high school degree and some training from an individual already practicing medicine. 814 more words

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A Plea for Police-Academic Relationships

Early in my career, I envisioned a police department in which the officers would become experts in human behavior, relational experts. This is what I experienced in my years in Minneapolis. 906 more words


Rei.Ki and Cancer?

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words: rei, which means spiritually guided, and ki, which means life force, or energy, Petropoulos says.

During reiki, the client often lays on a massage table, although the practice also can be performed standing or sitting. 214 more words


Inject Health into Your System Using the Intravenous Therapy in Toronto

A majority of people obtain the services of intravenous therapy in Toronto to boost their health when other therapies are not fit for the purpose. Intravenous therapy means infusing of the veins with liquid substances. 466 more words


Practitioner Engagement

I attended the local Practitioner Engagement event (previously advertised on this site) yesterday. We had some small table discussions and whilst there were common themes around the difficulties caused by cutbacks and ‘efficiencies’ there were also great examples of positive and best practice, including… 136 more words

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The Five Stages | Third Stage: Shakti Pad | The Practitioner

Third Stage – Shakti Pad – The Stage of the Practitioner

We spent a lot of time on this one inside my yoga teacher training and they embedded in our psyches a certain amount of caution about this stage. 756 more words

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