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5 card reading

How does tomorrow looks like?

work: The Moon,

Follow my instinct, my little white book also said that this card is very highen on vivid dreams and my subconscious revealing itself. 382 more words


Amazonite Crystal

A few months ago I had a small cold.  It was the end of it and I was only coughing when I talked to much.  But during the night I would wake up coughing so deep that it gave me gagging reflex.   249 more words


I Call Bullsh*t: "It's not the style, it's the practitioner"

“Who oh why are human beings so hard to teach, but so easy to deceive.” -Dio Chrysostom

“Above all, never fool yourself, and remember that you are the easiest person to fool.” -Charlie Munger… 297 more words

3 Card reading

I’ve been doing this simple 3 card reading where instead of past-present-future, its morning-afternoon-evening.  No picture this time ( until I edit it when I’m back home) because I am at work.   169 more words


Photography - Bruce Davidson

I have followed Davidson for a while now, he is one of the most influential photographers in my books. Bruce has been a member of Magnum Photos since 1958 and through his years has proven that he is one of the greatest photographers around. 204 more words


Moving Image - Devin Graham

Devin is an american videographer, made famous from his extreme sports videos on YouTube. He has now gathered a massive fan base and is pushing his quality of video higher and higher in both technical fields and creativity. 196 more words


Carnelian Crystal

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I actually don’t have a lot of notes on Carnelian, except for what I wrote from the Almanac Book.  That holding a Carnelian Crystal with you help create balance within, help give you a sense of calmness, confidence.   167 more words