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Spending Time - Time Well Spent

People may be more interested in how you spend your time than you realize. If you don’t act like the typical 9-5 employee with your butt in a chair, it can be hard for others to imagine you are doing anything of value. 203 more words

Why there are no stupid questions

Why are there never any stupid questions?

1. Because “stupid” is a negative judgement, not fact. And, well, just plain mean. (Although, you are surely entitled to believe it, just as I am to see it as mean…) 89 more words



You probably have a better idea about how to do something. But will it work? You’ll never know until you try. When you do give it a go, you may find that getting there requires a lot of compromises along the way before your dream is realized. 888 more words

People & Culture

Education: Two Ways

“The difference between a path and a road is not only the obvious one.  A path is little more than a habit that comes with knowledge of a place… 423 more words

Be Pragmatic

On Being a Modern Gentleman:

Guideline 16: Be Pragmatic

Recently, “The New Yorker” highlighted studies which posited that positive thinking and optimism may actually lead to failure and distress… 418 more words


"Why Do I Need to Know This?"

My students will tell you that I’m not a huge fan of textbooks.  Maybe it’s the way in which they compartmentalize information and predigest big, rich ideas into bite-size, tasteless chunks (also, I can’t stand tapas restaurants).   1,864 more words

Christian Education

Over the past two years of blogging one of the topics that I’ve written on most, and which has been best received, is Christian education. In light of that I thought it would be wise to organize all those posts. 99 more words