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For More, and Better, Sports Narratives

Is the sports media sphere being overrun by narratives? Are they getting in the way of facts and the truth?  A couple of recently published essays (one by Phil Daniels, … 1,685 more words


William James Quote.

James, W. (1907). The meaning of the word truth. Ithaca, N.Y.


Pragmatism … asks its usual question. “Grant an idea or belief to be true,” it says, “what concrete difference will its being true make in anyone’s actual life…

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Eventually, everything finds its level, including my wildly veering emotions. I’ve felt it coming for days, felt the new behaviors taking on a tinge of routine, actions performed automatically, without a gentle nudge from my conscience. 247 more words


Much ado

Someone mentioned nihilism to me yesterday evening. Wish it hadn’t happened! I went to bed shortly after and spent ages tossing and turning trying to recall  what I knew about it. 759 more words


Opinion Polls Are Meaningless, Votes Aren't

Over the past week since the election, I have seen a number of political blogs talking about various progressive ideas that are favored by “the majority” of the American people, and  they’ll cite various opinion polls to back that up.  629 more words


Agnostic Conditions Reprised

Truth happens to an idea. It becomes true, is made true by events. Its verity is in fact an event, a process: the process namely of its verifying itself, its veri-fication.

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