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Hakikat Manusia Menurut Filsafat Pragmatisme

Hakikat Manusia. Manusia tidak terpisah dari realitas pada umumnya, sebab manusia adalah bagian daripadanya dan terus-menerus bersamanya. Karena realitas terus berubah, manusia pun merupakan bagian dari perubahan tersebut. 1,841 more words


The Triviality Of Purpose

We’re in such an ever-maddening sprint towards the idea of happiness that we deny ourselves the emotional right of feeling.
we’re so enveloped by the idea of constant ,perpetual happiness that we deny ourselves the honor of feeling unhappiness, sadness. 296 more words

Just Out for a Walk?

Someone recently said to me, “You know, if you’re trying to lead someone somewhere, and you turn around and no one is following you, you’re just out for a walk.” 339 more words


System Feedback and Fooling Myself

I’m too clever by half—when it comes to fooling myself.

Best I can tell from quite a bit of reading, the human mind works on a joint, two-system operation—a dual process theory. 1,003 more words


Another Perspective on Sin

It’s interesting how we view and rationalize sin.  Sometimes we tell ourselves that God wants us to be happy.  To maintain that position we must completely throw out 1 Thessalonians 4:7.   666 more words


"Local Boy Makes-Good!"

Again: “Talkin’ Ain’t Doin’!”

Let’s walk this talk.

Let’s do it together….


New book Review on Early View - Hans Bakker on Glenn Jacobs' biography of C.H. Cooley

“This provocative book should be read by students of Symbolic Interactionism (SI) and by those interested in intellectual history. Glenn Jacobs utilizes the Cooley papers and seems to have read everything Cooley wrote, published (Cooley  89 more words

Book Review