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Teaching as Attitude: The Staying Power of John Dewey

by Daniel Richards

We have all heard of John Dewey.

The native of Burlington, Vermont, (1859-1952) has been on U.S. stamps; he protected academic freedom by co-founding the… 1,391 more words


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My thoughts on the relevance and power of John Dewey, just in time for Labo(u)r Day.

Is pragmatism an impediment to real progress in Singapore?

Is pragmatism an impediment to real progress in Singapore?



Pragmatism impedes social, cultural development that is arguably as, if not more important in Singapore. 441 more words


Atheism And Morality

I’m an atheist, and I’m fed up with religious people – mostly american christians and british muslims – telling me I must be a bad person. 386 more words


Work and Philosophy, ch. 10: Summary (pt. II)

The Nineteenth Century

Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!

—– Andrew Carnegie… 2,005 more words


Notes on Brandom's Logical Expressivism

In the last week or so I’ve been struggling through Robert Brandom’s Articulating Reasons: An Introduction to Inferentialism, which despite being intended as a primer to his significantly more expansive Making It Explicit is something of a tough cookie in itself. 1,067 more words


Who Founded Pragmatism?

Fascinating and amusing discussion. Good to see the likes of Joseph Margolis and Richard Bernstein despite my substantive disagreement with them on the relativism front.

William James

On Suicide

My earliest memories of being depressed are in the third grade. I remember my teacher taking me aside and asking what was wrong, that I looked so unhappy, like someone had died. 635 more words