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Beautiful Knowledge & the Profession of Quality

A human profession is a curious thing. A profession can refer to a skill or occupation. In this sense, Quality is a profession. But, at the same time, a human profession can also refer to a set of beliefs or assertions. 531 more words

Philosophy Of Quality

Pragmatism: vulnerabilities and act vs. rule (Part 1 of 4)

Shadish, Cook, & Campbell (2002) discuss pragmatism as one of three dominant theories of truth in philosophy, noting that philosophers do not agree on which theory is correct, having “successfully criticized aspects all of them” (p. 194 more words

Evaluation Theory

It Either Pumps You Up Or Pisses You Off

David Wong wrote this, it is a set of harsh truths but it will make you better. In an age of Upworthy sentiment, sometimes the harsh stuff feels more honest.  249 more words

Taking Responsibility

Please excuse my absence. After blogging every day for a month, I needed a little break to catch my breath. I’ve also been very busy and my life very much in transition. 654 more words

To those who have been Mess(i)ed up

Before you read this, allow me to have a foreword or two. The opinions expressed in this article do not seek to undermine any footballer, coach or team. 2,190 more words

Brasil 2014

10 things we learnt from the World Cup

1)      The Dutch have an official signature move

Following in the footsteps of the Dutch team of the 70’s, Holland have once again shown that they falter at the very last step. 1,185 more words

Brasil 2014