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New book Review on Early View - Hans Bakker on Glenn Jacobs' biography of C.H. Cooley

“This provocative book should be read by students of Symbolic Interactionism (SI) and by those interested in intellectual history. Glenn Jacobs utilizes the Cooley papers and seems to have read everything Cooley wrote, published (Cooley  89 more words

Book Review

Charles S. Peirce. The Logic of Interdisciplinarity.The Monist Series

Charles S. Peirce: The Logik of Interdisciplinarity – The Monist-Series
Elize Bisanz (ed.)
Publication Date: January 2009
ISBN: 978-3-05-004733-1

With an introduction by Kenneth L. 99 more words

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Roving Off the Reservation

Although we like to think ourselves rock-ribbed Republicans in the conservative tradition of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Calvin Coolidge, we can’t quite work up the requisite red-hot hatred of Karl Rove. 781 more words


The Sufficiency of Scripture in a Declining Culture

In my last blog I attempted to show how Christians should think about civil laws in America in light of our declining culture. I argued that we should care about laws, not as ends in themselves, but as a means to help people to realize that there is an objective standard of righteousness which exists outside of themselves. 1,149 more words


Weak Anthropocentrism: The Alternative to Biocentrism

Many environmental ethicists who advocate for solving environmental issues hold a biocentric worldview and usually think that nature has intrinsic value. Bryan G. Norton, a professor of philosophy at Georgia Tech disagrees and has introduced a whole new idea of an environmental ethic, one where… 984 more words

Environmental Ethics

DCH Marketplace Mixes Glamour And Pragmatism With Speaker Roster

While DDB’s Fall Market is well underway in New York, the DCH is prepping for its market next Wednesday, October 22. With two keynote presentations, Houston designers will enjoy stories by Texas sibling design icons Bradley Bayou and Laura Hunt in the morning followed by an informative a… by… 7 more words

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