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Invent Your Own Rules

As any good English teacher will tell you, a good story has a beginning, a middle and an end.

I had a brilliant GCSE English teacher, a lovely lady with a passion for our language. 1,288 more words


Alain Locke Given Place in Congressional Cemetary

This weekend, 60 years after his death, Locke is finally being given a permanent resting place in Capitol Hill’s Congressional Cemetery, where a polished-granite gravestone will sit across from the sandstone cenotaphs honoring early members of Congress and adjacent to the first director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art, Warren Robbins.

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Pragmatist's Point of View

The teacher in the pragmatic principle helps, guides, directs and serves as a philosopher. He/she provides and suggests problems for students, which may stimulate them find solutions. 291 more words

§ Beard to Beard with William James: Truth as a Practical Notion

From Pragmatism: A New Name for some Old Ways of Thinking, William James on the practical nature of truth:

“[T]here can be no difference anywhere that doesn’t make a difference elsewhere – no difference in abstract truth that doesn’t express itself in a difference in concrete fact and in conduct consequent upon that fact, imposed on somebody, somehow, somewhere and somewhen.”

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Consequences of Triadic Relation Irreducibility : 2

From time to time I come to the realization that there are ways of reading Peirce that make no sense to me. When I stop to think about the potential sources of that evident divergence from common sense, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that people come to reading Peirce with so many different aims, backgrounds, and collateral experiences with the objects that he wraps his signs and ideas around. 101 more words


Consequences of Triadic Relation Irreducibility : 1

2014 Sep 10

I will have to be out of the loop for some days, but this post will give me a peg on which I can hang a few thoughts via mobile device that have been tugging at the edge of my mind for a while. 111 more words


Spiritual Bullshit

I’m not a big fan of religions. These days (and on this blog) you’d be less likely to pick up on that because I don’t talk much about it here, but there was a time when I truly enjoyed mocking them, picking them apart, laughing at the pieces, and explaining why it was so funny to me (one of the best parts, imo). 514 more words

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