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You're Angry and Protesting? Good! What's Next?

Over the past several months the news has been full of stories about police violence and protests against it.  Ferguson, and Michael Brown.  Cleveland and Tamir Rice.  538 more words


The Role of Artists in Society, Quote by John Dewey

The freeing of the artist in literary presentation, in other words, is as much a precondition of the desirable creation of adequate opinion on public matters as is the freeing of social inquiry. 120 more words


Epistemology: Belief, Knowledge & Pragmatism, an original essay by 420randomness

Guest Post by 420randomness, translated from Greek into English by rootsnwingz for our English-speaking readers!

Epistemology: Belief, Knowledge & Pragmatism

According to recent scientific evidence … living within reason … we find ourselves in a blind existence without any archetypes, where everything seems to happen anyways, for no reason at all ! 706 more words

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The link below is to an article that takes a look at pragmatism.

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Stoves, Purity, Perfection, Justice, Salvation

Well, I’m never sure what to make of these outbursts about those who are seemingly beyond the pale—those, in this case, who “litter the ground of that corner of the academic ballpark in which the soi-distant radicals gather.” I assume that’s not me, because I’m not an academic and because I’m even sure what makes a “soi-distant radical”; and yet I seem to be out of sync, if nothing else, and that doesn’t sound good—at least in terms of promoting dialog. 573 more words

Daniel Hayes

Thom Stark on Centrism

In our continuing conversation, Thom Stark and I are discussing what radical centrism means and our view of politics and Plato’s Republic. See last week’s installment… 913 more words

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Ac's Pointer of the Day: Cast Daily, Cast Often.

You never know what your strengths are until you test yourself. That means actually doing something. Test the waters, all the waters, every avenue of Witchcraft withing your comfort zone, at first, and then push the edges. 69 more words