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Are the planes sniffing at the building?

I like a good prank call, and I’m a fan of Chris Morris. (( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ))


The Tube Bar prank call tape ... as featured in "Red" (1991) dir. Christian Gore

One of the funniest and most famous prank call tapes of all-time were the series of calls made to the Tube Bar in New Jersey to the bar’s owner, a man known as Red.  194 more words


Prank Calls with JMan

Lets prank call some people! including JDmixer257! 38 more words


HAARP: 80's Music and Prank Calls?

by David Crowe

Martha Lenoi has been waking up in the middle of the night for several years now, and doctors don’t know why. Medical science can’t figure it out, Martha said, because the source of her insomnia isn’t from her head….it’s from HAARP. 545 more words


North Iowa dispatch center receiving a string of prank calls

FOREST CITY, Iowa – We all learn to call 911, only in the case of an emergency, but that rule is not always followed.

Between people calling when there’s no real emergency, to 911 prank calls, it’s a problem dispatchers are seeing in our area. 384 more words


Prank 911 calls raise concerns from law enforcement

FOREST CITY, Iowa — The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office and Forest City Police are concerned about a number of prank 911 calls that have come in over the past two days. 227 more words


Hilarious Fifty Shades of Grey Paint Prank Call!!!

This is hilarious :P

They had no idea what to expect when calling Lowe’s to inquire about “50 shades of Gray (the color paint).”

Troll-oll-olll… 11 more words