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How To Make A Paper Gun That Shoots Prank

In this video, i will be showing you how to make a paper gun that shoots. I know a lot of you guys are saying that its impossible to make a paper gun that shoots, i will prove you wrong. 19 more words

Pranksters Trick Foodies Into Praising McDonald's

Direct link to youtube (3:35 minutes).  Unless you understand Dutch, turn on closed captioning/subtitles…

Two Dutch pranksters visited a major culinary convention to show off their new line of delicious, organic food.  14 more words


Recycle bin Prank

Melvin pulls pranks on everybody, especially this prank, popping out of the recycle bin and scaring kids on a bike, the mailman, or other dogs

Prank 1 Pulling The Rope

Very funny! as every one know that pranks are just for making someone laugh and for entertainment & fun. This video is for the same, making you laugh.I don’t think pranks videos needs contents. 8 more words


Pranking friends

I remember during school days i wrote this one and made a very good use of it :D

You are there

Nicknamed (my friend’s name) 84 more words


Murder caught on Google Earth

Redditors love to try to solve crimes. As many of them gathered to pool clues to the Boston bombing case on Wednesday, there was another group on the site still working to debunk a rumored “murder” caught on Google Earth. 549 more words


Ask Molly Ringwald: My Girlfriend Cant Forgive My Stag Do Prank. Do I Beg?

My girlfriend of two years is furious since of a prank I played even though on my way to a stag do. I sent everybody a photo of a (completely clothed) girl, joking that she was a stripper who was coming to the stag do with me (this was created up, I found the photo on-line). 10 more words

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