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WATCH: Prankster Tells Wal-Mart Customers That ONE DIRECTION Is In Store

This is mean….but funny. And probably illegal.

Ahhhh the good ‘ole, “Grab the Wal-Mart intercom & tell lies”  prank. A classic!
Okay, maybe not a classic, but I did this once in High School- It wasn’t NEARLY this good though. 37 more words


Train Engineer Boots Selfie Taker In The Head

I have no idea why you would take a selfie in front of a moving train? Maybe some photography project?

Well I would suggest not doing it anymore, because this guy did and the engineer reached his leg out and kicked him in the dome! 12 more words


Esse cara desmaiou de bêbado, e acordou no meio de um salto de paraquedas

Se você tem amigos #zoeiros já deve estar imaginando o que aconteceu. Josh é um moço chegado numa cachaça, e cercado por amigos que realmente não sabem o limite da zoeira. 116 more words

Julia Bueno

Watch MKTO Get Pranked On Fuse News!

You know them as MKTO, but Tony and Malcolm, who make up the duo, are just normal guys who will fall for anything. With their hit ‘Classic’ climbing the charts, the Fuse News team set out to hit the guys with a ‘Classic’ prank! 62 more words