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Pranking: The Best Way to Tell the Newlyweds the Honeymoon Is Over

One day, the nuptials have been nupted and the reception has been received, cruises to distant lands (like 10 miles off the coast) have been visited, and, finally, it’s time for the bride and groom to return home and start being Mr. 778 more words


WARNING: You Are Now Entering The Friendzone

I can guarantee every single one of you think that title means something else.

I think that I’m quite a self-aware guy; I openly acknowledge and accept what others think of me, what they don’t think, I know about my own flaws and qualities and make self-deprecating jokes on a somewhat daily basis. 613 more words

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What's the big deal with pranking?

Hi, I’m Andrew……….and I’m a practical joker.

Ever since I was young, I loved to pull pranks and cause mischief. While my pranking and mischievous ways have faded a little bit as I’ve gotten older, the enjoyment has always been there. 471 more words

Polysemous Part 6 of 10: A Jester of Sorts

Like a cobra mesmerised by the smooth swaying of a flute, I watched as the ceiling fan overhead whirred in perpetual motion. My head rested heavily on my hands and I blinked only every few seconds in line with the odd looping of the cycles. 5,676 more words

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#Report Sam Pepper

Alternative title: In which the internet has finally realized that Sam Pepper is a bastard.

The first time I encountered Sam Pepper was when he appeared as a guest in the show Virtually Famous in which they featured his video “How to Make Out with Strangers”. 508 more words