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Behind the Scenes: "The Cellarman's Half-Dozen"

Good ideas often start over beer… oh wait, we’ve heard that one before. But it’s rings true again–the Greenbush 7-pack idea was born out of a day of sales calls to some of our wonderful Michigan accounts. 391 more words

Craft Beer

Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Wait, It Doesn't Work?

Carmen is calling about motorcycles for sale. She’s excited! She wants to know all the details on size and color. However, there’s a little side-note: They DON’T work. 69 more words


Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Accent War

Carmen is calling to get a job at a bar. However, she can’t understand what he is saying…he’s from Boston.  His accent is a little TOO STRONG for her to comprehend. 64 more words


Who put what in the fridge???

Trying to pull dinner together and I see a container that I didn’t freeze.

????? What the hey????????

Evidently my eldest put poor Captain America in the freezer as a prank and forgot about it. 18 more words

General Mayhem

14-Year-Old Under Arrest for Sending Prank Tweet

DAN BILEFSKY,  The New York Times

Youthful pranks in the age of Twitter are no laughing matter, especially if you are a 14-year-old Dutch girl impersonating a terrorist.