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Who The Hell Finds This Shit Funny?!

I confess I’m not the most tuned-in with whipper-snapper trends of late, but I am noticing a slew of downright asinine¬†stunts that little shits are trying to pass off as “pranks”. 509 more words

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VIDEO: Silly Philly scarecrow prank terrifies locals

YouTube prankster Ed Bassmaster gave Philadelphians quite the scare in his newest viral halloween video.

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Hacking and How I Came To Love The Culture (PART 1)

Raised as an only child with a loving father and abusive stepmother, I seldom interacted with other people unless it was absolutely necessary. I kept far away from others except a small minority of friends that would eventually set me on a path that was far more secluded than the life I was living at home. 2,287 more words


VIDEO: Gruesome Chainsaw Massacre Prank

Internet celebrity Vitaly Zdorovetskiy who is known for his over the top pranks has made another hit video on Youtube, and it’s rather gruesome. The above video takes place in a parking garage where unsuspecting guests witness a man with a chainsaw slaughtering his victim¬†before getting chased themselves by the attacker. 98 more words

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CriminalReports.com Thinks The Bakersfield Clowns Need To Stop

We at CriminalReports.com can appreciate a good prank as much as anyone else. But CriminalReports.com also thinks that pranks can go too far, and that when they do, the police should get involved. 289 more words


Too Mean Or Funny? Gory Chainsaw Massacre Halloween Prank Goes Viral

Like a scene straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, one viral video is taking the Halloween prank to an extreme, heart-pounding level.

According to… 247 more words