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Dying is Easy. Comedy is Hard.

Andy Kaufman (1949-1984) was an entertainer known for elaborate pranks and hoaxes. He was so well known for this that when he died in 1984, rumors immediately started that he staged his death as a prank. 31 more words


Amazing pranks for your PC !!!

1. The Restart Remap

We start with one sure to throw off even the most advanced Windows user. Setup is simple and you need only a few seconds alone on someone’s computer. 1,951 more words

Cool Stuffs

Bernice Jenkins Gets Prayer For Her Dog That Blew Up In This Prank Call! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Bernie Jenkins is a hot mess! Listen to the audio player to hear her get this woman to pray for her dog that allegedly blew up in a microwave in this hilarious prank call on “ 138 more words

The Show

New York Yankees Cat

Going through my folders on my hard disk, I found the photo above. This photo is leftover from a small set of photos that I uploaded… 180 more words


Woman Pops Off During Prank Call After Learning Her Thanksgiving Plans Are Ruined! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

What you won’t do is tell a woman her turkey won’t be available for Thanksgiving! Listen to the hilarious audio to hear this woman pop off thinking her Thanksgiving plans have ruined! 95 more words


Fun Friday Post - We Bring You Sock Sock Jokes

You’ve heard of knock knock jokes, right? They’re a bit silly, very punny and usually good to share with an all-ages group. When you need to lighten up a crowd, especially at a family gathering, knock knock jokes can often do the trick. 146 more words

Fun Friday Post