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If You Are A Software Engineer In India, You Will Absolutely Love This Video

This comical farce on the motion picture ‘A Wednesday’ presents a product engineer’s dissatisfaction in a completely witty way. The way the dialogs are wound to suit the IT business standard is to a great degree agreeable. 15 more words

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A Guy Pretends That He’s Famous & Asks For A Girl’s Number. Watch How She Reacts.

The amazing people at Inconvenience Seeker Group pulled off a stunning Gold Digger trick (most likely India’s first). A gold digger is a lady who structures associations with men absolutely to get cash or blessings from them. 11 more words

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Fun Friday Post - Our Favourite Halloween Pranks!

Halloween is not just about collecting candy with the kiddies. It’s also about scaring the s**t out of people! Even the Sun got in on the fun this year turning itself into a sun o’ lantern :) 427 more words



If you throw an egg at someone, you have to deal with the consequences if it cracks.

Unless you only meant to spook them.

My housemates are fighting over eggs. 12 more words

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Bernice Jenkins Prank Calls Woman About Her Pitbull Puppy! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

This woman’s dog was supposed to go in for a cleaning, but Bernie Jenkins calls to tell her the dog was neutered. Listen to the audio player to hear Bernice and the woman go at it in this hilarious prank call on “ 131 more words

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need ideas try this

SOOOOOOOOOO………… I’ve been on Pinterest for a while and there are tons of sick twisted people (such as myself) out there and sharing their ideas. I repined some of my favorites and just in time, Halloween is in 1 WEEK! 42 more words


Top 7 Halloween Pranks for the Lazy and Uninspired

As Halloween approaches, many of us ponder what to wear or what candy we plan to throw out.  (That Brach’s orange and black taffy- yuck!) We forget, however, that Halloween is not just about pulling off a sexy nurse outfit or last minute scary clown costume.  1,201 more words