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Who Knew That Handing Out Free Sweet Goods In Front Of A Gym Would Cause Trouble?

I never thought I’d meet a person who didn’t like a cupcake or brownie, but I clearly didn’t count on the people at this gym. The guys from… 111 more words

Web Culture

8 Hours, 14,000 Post-It, Friends on Honeymoon (Video)

Jamie and Emily Pharro returned to their home in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, after a week in Italy. They were in for a surprise; their home was covered with 14,000 Post-Its and they were also filmed with a secret camera by their friends. 239 more words

000 Thousand Post-its

First video on Neighborhood gang

This is a prank video with invisible string.This prank was Dylans idea he is the camera man in to of the three videos. The cast is David as rope man and video editer Edan as rope man on last video Rdgen as Bystander Guatten as rope man and camera two and Dylan as camera 1 UV as rope puller.


Senseless Survey: Pizza Is Love, Pools of Blood, and Mall Pretzels

Our Survey victim today hangs on for a whole 17 questions regarding Pumpkin Flavor Season, screwing up at Craigslist, peeing in the pool and MUCH more. 129 more words

Karlson & McKenzie

Hellis gets a new phone and havoc ensues

Listen up, guys. Here’s how it all went down.

My former employer requested that I return all equipment assigned to me to perform my job remotely, i.e. 368 more words


Don't mess with a photocopier

Don’t copy pranks you see on T.V…  Ever.

That’s the one lesson I took from the experience of test driving my uncle’s new scanner. Because I’ve done a lot of humiliating things in my life, but this one is kind of hard to top. 523 more words

Aakash Basi