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Going Postal

I’ve really enjoyed catching up with the last 15+ years of Discworld, especially the move away from having a “City Watch” book, or a “Wizards” book, or a “Death” book, and Pratchett making each of them a part of the overall story of a fantasy world being dragged kicking and screaming into modernity.  99 more words


The cats don’t care about ……..the Scottish referendum

I don’t care about the Scottish referendum either. The West Lothian question and the Barnett Formula make me tired. It is at moments like these – moments when otherwise sensible political commentators hail G. 1,251 more words

WC Gets Mail: Sir Terry Pratchett as the Antichrist

Someone named Richard Straub emailed this gem to WC recently:

Terry Pratchett is EVIL, he’s the work of the devil, made to collect
your souls and to turn you into brainless slaves of hell. 443 more words


God Bless Us, Every One

Good Omens Radio Play on BBC4 During the Holidays.

So. Awesome. :D

Good Omens in one of those “Everyone must read this!” books. I envy the sheer imagination of Fantasy (and SciFi) writers, and this book is a brilliant example of it. 11 more words

A Review: The Carpet People by Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett is a name I’ve heard over the years but not someone I had read before. When I saw that one of my  favorite writers Neil Gaiman had worked with Pratchett, I decided to check him out. 266 more words

Amaretto and Icy Champagne

For the Writers Group homework we had this time a couple of proverbs and quotes.

I chose “Don`t die with a bottle of champagne in the fridge”. 185 more words


What Makes Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels So Captivating?

This is an essay that I wrote last year for school, known as the EPQ, or Extended Project Qualification. The reasoning behind me publishing it upon my blog is more due to the fact that my cousin, who is a great Terry Pratchett fan, showed a desire to read it. 5,085 more words