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Types of Spiritual Trance

As a hard/devotional polytheist at the mystical, spirit-working, “high-woo” end of the spectrum, trance work is a major aspect of my religion. I practice it. I read about it. 1,120 more words

Religion And Spirituality

On Open Peer Review

I highly recommend the new ADA, Publishing and Its Discontents. I haven’t read it all, but greatly enjoyed the piece on “Feminist Journal Editing… 150 more words


take it easy

Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich euch die Augen voll gejammert, wie √§tzend doch die Tage vor den Tagen sind. Und ich habe euch versprochen, ein paar yogische Tipps zu sammeln, wie sich… 428 more words


Imperial Knights and Vindicate Order form alliance

Captain of the Imperial Knights Kanomi and Levineff Orithine Praxis, High Father of the Vindicate Order recently met on Onderon to form what many would see as a natural alliance. 80 more words

A Time of Change? Part 2

Jedi / Sith split has been going on for close to 10000 years. This week at an undisclosed location top represenitives from both factions actually sat down at a round table acrost from each other to has out a peace treaty that could have profound and hopefully lasting consequences on the Galaxy we all know and call home. 1,418 more words

Happy Earth Day - Presenting Anima Mundi (movie) and Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth

From Wikipedia-
Anima Mundi is a 1992 short documentary film directed by Godfrey Reggio. The film focuses on the world of nature and wildlife, particularly jungles, sealife, and insects. 1,043 more words


Sundance North: WFF Praxis Screenwriters Lab

When Praxis announced last November that it was closing after 25 years due to a lack of funding, and that its excellent screenwriting competition would be no more, it was a huge blow to hopeful Canadian screenwriters (not to mention founder and director Patricia Gruben). 139 more words