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Eating the Whale

Love others as you would love yourself. It sounds so simple. We know how we would like to be loved, do we not? So shouldn’t it be simple to apply that to others? 618 more words



Sometimes, it is good to realize one is not alone in feeling a communication from nature.  Sometimes it is good to know others feel the same dread, pain, grief….and… 23 more words

Paganism & Rationalism

From Theory to Praxis (pt. 6)

I believe he ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty

In his life and ministry, Jesus welcomes us to take up our crosses and follow after him.

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Deldelstorfer Miszellen Nr.4: Limbus

W. mag sich kaum mehr auf den Monolog des Arztes konzentrieren, der sich stattdessen mit jener komplizierten Terminologie abmüht, für die sein Berufsstand so verrufen ist. 610 more words


On Gender Roles and Salvation

Recently an acquaintance of mine gave me some food for thought in a short Facebook rant in which she stated that gender roles are not salvific. 541 more words

Social Criticism

Freya Dedication contract

The last few weeks I’ve seen an uptick in my post on the Dedication Feast I threw when I officially Dedicated to Freya back in April. 802 more words


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Cara, one of the founding members of the Vanic Conspiracy, recently became a dedicated Freyja's Gythia. Here she shares the dedication contract that she worked out with the Vanadis. -E-

Headin' Down South

Yesterday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn (6:30 a.m.), packed up my car, and headed down south. For three reasons: I had to take the Family and Consumer Science Praxis exam, I had to go to the MO ACTE Summer Conference, and I had to meet my family at Lake of the Ozarks later in the week. 266 more words