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The King in the Field

Imagine you decide to go for a walk in a nearby park, you get there and the President (or Prime Minister or whoever is in the top spot of your country) is sitting there on a park bench. 263 more words


Too bored to pray? (part two)

It could well be that for many of us prayer will take on a new dynamic when we begin to reshape our expectations. Too often we expect that every time we enter into prayer we will experience some deep emotion. 937 more words

Personal Growth

Calling and Election


Who is Man That He May Know God?

When I write “Who is man that he may know God?” you have to understand that “man” in this instance includes woman, just as Elohim and God include both father and mother, male and female. 4,099 more words


Released to dream...

So on Monday I opened a new document on my computer desktop. It’s one I’m going to be becoming increasingly familiar with other the days and weeks and *gasp* months to come. 1,017 more words


(08/27/2014) Perfection and Prayer?

Today, focus is upon the difference between prayers that GOD will change human event, and prayers to establish sacred events.  A “Yahoo! Answers” fighter using the ID “Edward” (Level 1 with 145 points, a member since October 08, 2013) posted the following: 569 more words

Duty Of Believers

One Prayer/Poetry

One Prayer

Mind’s eye tracing the shadowy path.
Images of life dance across the
Screen in my head.

The voices cry, they sigh and weep… 87 more words


Day 26 - August 26, 2014

I am stepping way outside of my comfort zone today. Very few days of these first 26 have been comfortable, but some… Yikes. When these thoughts first came to me this morning, I actually prayed for God to take them away. 1,011 more words