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I have a dear friend who is a single parent.  At age 8 her son is bullied at school.  He is a most tender heart, who is born again and baptized.   187 more words

Christian Family

Prayer and Your Temple Heart

When we focus on thoughts that resonate good feelings and happy memories inside of us, we invite a grateful spirit into the temple of our minds our hearts and our bodies. 168 more words

Spiritual Insight

Prayer for All Saint's Day

In oratione , in Sanctorum Laudáte

Sunt candidae et splendidae quam munera vestra , Dómine
da nobis in aeterna salus , quam
Radiando sanctis tuis in gloria tua , Deus, 593 more words


A new perspective

By Michelle Henry

Waking up at six in the morning has never been ideal, but waking up at six in the morning to windows lined with frost certainly is not. 275 more words


No-oh-oh, it's not magic

A Kansas City Royals fan puts his lucky hat on the couch, five minutes before the first pitch – and it must be facing south. Another drinks only one kind of beer on game days. 671 more words


Discouraged Because You Don't Have Enough Faith?

I once knew a woman who, for many years, attributed her lack of health to a lack of faith. No matter how much she prayed, no matter how much she begged and pleaded God, no matter how much she asked the elders of the church to pray for her, she never got well. 184 more words


Let's Go Shopping $$

In my quest to be continuously learning and growing, I have become familiar with the ministry and writings of Dick Eastman. This particular writing was in regards to ‘shop-ing’! 150 more words