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Usually when there’s an exam around the corner, I churn out another blog post as a form of procrastination. However, my lab practicum tomorrow is on the human AND cat muscles and I have yet to master the inner-workings of Garfield. 79 more words

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An Unfortunate Update

So I don’t know but wordpress has been down for like the past three days and I wanted to write a freaking blog man! 

Anyways, so I got word that the shadowing opportunity I wanted to do this summer isn’t going to work out. 165 more words

Medical School Books Recommendations (MS1)

Congratulations for those who have gotten accepted to the various medical schools around the country! It has been a crazy four years  or more and now you about the embark on one of the most difficult four years of your life! 99 more words

Medical School

Thanks to Medical School my status with “people” has gone from “in a relationship” to “it’s complicated”…


Stuff Pre-Meds (and My Dad) Say, and What They Need to Hear

My father is a retired doctor and he’s never missed an opportunity to remind me that not once in his career in medicine did he need to APPLY the material he learned in college organic chemistry. 509 more words

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This quote right here explains my current dilemma. I recently have had to make some big decisions, maybe not the scariest for most people, but they were for me. 254 more words

How Medical School Has Changed Me

As I am nearing the half-way point of my medical school career, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on how I have changed since I started this journey.   813 more words

Medical Student