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5 Back to School Tips (Pre-Med Edition)

It’s almost that time again for 4 hour labs, endless hours of studying, early morning classes accommodated by coffee and attempting to also have a social life. 732 more words


How to Stumble Into Medical School: A Beginner's Guide.

Two days ago was the first time I could step on campus and not feel incredibly heavy. I think this is a sign that since everything’s said and done I can talk about my journey to medical school now. 2,082 more words

Medical School

Reflection on my past three years.

I will be actually entering my fourth year or undergrad but won’t be officially graduating until a year or two, so I decided to do a reflection. 763 more words

Say Hello to the First Post of Pretty Pre-Med!


Hi there, I’m Adrianna and welcome to my journey to becoming a doctor! 

Yes, a medical doctor. One of those people that walk about fixing people while wearing white coats, a stethoscope, and crack anatomy jokes that they only find humorous (see what I did there?). 495 more words


10 Things Every Struggling Pre-Med Student Should Know

1. You’re probably in it for the money, or lazy, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Stay the course.

It’s a tough and delicate predicament. 1,750 more words

Some MCAT study survival tips

So, I was at Starbucks yesterday enjoying a post “getting my line of credit approved” celebratory frap (with soy – my new lactose intolerance sucks in the most subtle of ways) when I noticed that the person at the table next to me taking notes was doing so from a very familiar book. 1,189 more words

Vila Franca do Campo

On Saturday afternoon we left the residencia for a day trip to Vila Franca, which is on the southern coast of São Miguel just a bit east of Ponta Delgada. 562 more words