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The Look


– Black & white t-shirts with band logos

– Skinny jeans

– Trainers

– Hoodies

– Mask

Apart from the mask, all of the above are acknowledged conventions of rock/indie music videos… 250 more words

Pre-Production Paperwork

'Hopes and Dreams': Music Video Treatment and Detailed Shotlist

Treatment: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o4zWm2a8gQE7Tl4QPtsNCRVWy9usWKTf88gJwgUa3BY/edit?usp=sharing

Shotlist Video: To get a better understand of how the shots would actually be edited into place in the music video, I constructed a video presenting the shot type and description of each shot along side the song ‘Hopes and Dreams’ I felt that creating this would give us a better understanding for having enough shots when we are editing as well as for helping people visualize our video.