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O3 Kid's All-in-One Pre-School Backpacks with Integrated Cooler, Rhinestone Star

The O3 kids all in one backpack with cooler is the perfect solution for active kids. The front pocket of the backpack is an insulated lunch cooler, so kids no longer have to tote an additional lunch bag. 14 more words

How to Care for Vintage Pre Owned Furs to Last for Years or Decades

Fur specialists will guide you in any concerns. Companies like Estate Furs offer services from selling professionally-appraised preowned fur coats, to expert cleaning, storing and restyling. 27 more words

UK retailers say pre-ordered Sony XPERIA Z2 arriving on the 14th and 17th of April

Some retailers have said that the delivery of the Sony XPERIA Z2 will be delayed until May. Sony Mobile Hong Kong said that the smartphone will be delayed until June. 120 more words

Pre, Mid, Post Trib.

This morning my pastor spent forty-five minutes explaining how the Church will be taken out before the tribulation. I followed along. I had this thought: The Church seems to leave, with the exception of the one hundred forty-four thousand and who ever else gets the mark of God and His protection. 85 more words

Rolie Ryan webinar How to Use Pre Recorded Videos in Hangouts

Rolie Ryan webinar How to Use Pre Recorded Videos in Hangouts How to Use Pre Recorded Videos in Hangouts Get FREE Video & YouTube Online SEO Software Tools… 23 more words

Initial Observations of Prè

When I first arrived in Genoa, my highest priority was to find a place to live.

Within days, I had come to consider certain areas of Genoa unsafe. 631 more words


Priest - 'This area is poor.'

I’m Ricciardo, I am the Priest of the Church of San Sisto, Via di Prè.

I’ve worked here for 14 years. In that time, the main change has been that there’s always fewer Italians and more foreigners, especially Africans, Chinese people, but also people from Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan. 570 more words