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5 Things That Will Make You A Better Preacher

In 1 Samuel 13.19, we find out that when the Philistines conquered and enslaved Israel they took out all the blacksmiths so there was no one around who could make weapons so that people could fight and win and re-gain their freedom.   455 more words

Album review: Preacher - Signals

Excellent debut album from unsigned melodic, progressive rock band hailing from Ayreshire

“….any band that can headline the O2 Glasgow Arena must be doing something right!”

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Lordship Salvation is Biblical Historic Protestant Teaching (Dr. James White)

This is Dr. James White’s opening statement from the second half of his debate with Dr. James Wilkin on Lordship Salvation.

Bringing In The Light : Mike Carey - "Lucifer" V. 1-3

Catholic guilt has to be up there with planetary gravity as one of the most crushingly powerful forces in the universe. I say this as a lapsed adult who happened to be reading Mike Carey’s “Lucifer” during Easter Sunday, and still found time to think: “Geez, should I be reading a comic about the merry adventures of this handsome DEVIL on the day celebrating the purported resurrection of my Lord and Savior? 834 more words


-Strength for Today- The Responsibility of the Preacher

Romans 10:13-17
Plez Lovelady, Jr., PhD

Today in many local churches, preaching the practical Word of God has fallen on hard times. On the other hand, there are still hundreds of evangelical pastors who remain committed to biblical exposition. 801 more words

"Preachers Of Yesteryear"

 Where have the preachers gone that were not afraid to teach ALL of the words of God and not just the lovely sugar coated one’s heard in many church’s today. 896 more words


A Rant from the Pulpit

Today, a word from the Reverend Josiah Crane, who has been the preacher of the Goose Creek Country Church in Portsong for as long as anyone can remember. 493 more words