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30 Second Sermon : "God In Control"

The Bible says that Jesus didn’t do anything except being led by God. So, when we look at life and justify what is “not” by the cliche’ “God is in control”, I question the standard by which we make our assumption…or if we are really putting thought into the statement at all…


Fighting over Holy days

How many holy days do we honor?

Recently I heard a preacher talking about the holy days that he believes the church should still be honoring. 352 more words


Comics are Literature

I never understood the stereotype that comic books were for children. Perhaps it is because I grew up in the 21st century where comic books have become so mainstream that it impossible to define its audience. 485 more words



Reading Max Lucado’s book: ‘IT’S NOT ABOUT ME’, I came across a fascinating story of something that happened when he was a guide in the art museum. 510 more words


R.C. Sproul:

“Your task, O preacher, is to make sure that you are faithful to the text, that you are faithful to the proclamation of that gospel, that you are faithful to set forth the whole counsel of God, and then step back and let it happen.”


1Peter 5: shepherds and sheep

If you’re a “shepherd” in the body of Christ, an elder or a preacher or another form of leader over “younger” believers, this is for you. 382 more words

Following Jesus

A Truthful Sunday

The Preacher talks and still I listen 

Building all these words on a heart that’s shifting

I’ve become the scoffer

Ignoring all that’s offered 

Amidst the peaceful living  57 more words