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Help! My Listeners Aren't Satisfied! #2

We need to recognize “over-blurt” and “misdirected fire,” but what else can we do when we have dissatisfied listeners?

3. Remember Your Audience of One.  319 more words


Help! My Listeners Aren't Satisfied!

Preaching is a complex ministry. Consider the issue of listener satisfaction. If listeners aren’t satisfied, it could be a good sign, or it could be a bad sign.  364 more words


10 Pointers for Young Preachers

This post was offered last week as a guest post on Randal Pelton’s site, www.peltononpreaching.com

I am way too young to be called a sage, but I don’t get called young any more either.

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5 Radars Every Preacher Needs - #5

This is the last of our five radars we should be prayerfully collecting as preachers.  They are early warning systems that will make us better preachers.   203 more words


5 Radars Every Preacher Needs - #4

This week we are collecting radar equipment.  Better, we are compiling a wishlist to bring before God and ask Him to develop in us as we grow as preachers.   176 more words


5 Radars Every Preacher Needs - #2

The second of five radars may well be the most important and the most difficult to develop.  Yesterday’s radar considered one aspect of our textual study skills, but this radar is about our underlying assumptions about everything.  344 more words


8 Ways to Become a Warm-Hearted Preacher

John Stott wrote that a preacher is a bridge builder. That is, in the act of preaching, the preacher is seeking to build a bridge between the world of the Bible and the world of the listeners. 357 more words