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Sunday Feedback - II

Continuing the list of ten reasons not to get too excited about the feedback you get right after preaching . . .

4. The “church culture” mechanism. 287 more words


Sunday Feedback

Feedback is not created equal.  Wise preachers learn to tell the difference.  I suspect more than a few ministries are launched and sustained on the empty energy of post-sermon politeness.   343 more words


Overcoming Preacher's Block - III

We are coming to the end of a list of suggestions for overcoming preacher’s block . . . how about:

7. Sleep.  Sometimes when you are stuck, you can be tempted to work late and miss sleep.   234 more words


Overcoming Preacher's Block - II

Continuing our list of suggestions for breaking out of preacher’s block.  Yesterday we thought about Pray, Break and Talk.  Here are some more ideas:

4. Read. 336 more words


Overcoming Preacher's Block

Writer’s block is a famous challenge, but I suspect preacher’s block is an equally frequent occurrence.  The time ticks by and Sunday’s deadline keeps approaching.  What should you do if you feel stuck?   323 more words


Preaching and Patience

Life transformation is typically a gradual process.  We tend to focus on the sudden change stories, but even there, when we dig deeper, we tend to find a process that was ongoing for a while.   332 more words


Worship and Wonder Break

Last time we considered the warning sign of preaching “flat.”  Let’s come at this from a different angle.  Does you sermon preparation cause you to: 457 more words