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How Feeding Your Bacteria Fiber Protects Against Cancer

This is the breakdown: you eat fiber, specific bacteria in your gut digest fiber producing butyrate, this chemical then inhibits a certain enzyme. The reduced activity of this enzyme ratchets down cell proliferation and induces programmed cell death in cancer cells. 243 more words

Science Abstracts

Probiotics and Prebiotics

When we were both feeling lethargic, slightly ill and very odd I decided to look at natural options.

The first exciting thing I found was medicinal herbs. 469 more words


#1 Tip for 2015: Go with your gut

Happy 2015!

While I’m sure many of you have goals for this new year that relate to getting in shape, losing a few lbs, and slimming down by hitting the GYM my #1 tip of 2015 involves another 3-letter word that starts with “g” —  your… 887 more words

In The Pantry


Talk about timing. A box containing a month’s supply of Bimuno prebiotics arrived at my door on the worst day of the worst stomach bug I’ve ever had. 369 more words

Nourishing mushroom, garlic and almond soup

This mushroom soup is so rich and creamy. The garlic and spices give it a little kick, whilst the tahini and almonds create the creamy base. 395 more words


Probiotics & Menopause

Probiotic, Prebiotic, Synbiotic, Antibiotic, Psychobiotic?

If you think this is the title to a new Sci-Fi flick, you’re not alone. How confusing can things get? We hear about them in the news and on ads but does anyone ever really explain what they mean and why you should care to know? 748 more words


Nourish your gut: Step 3 Re-inoculate

Part 3 of the 4 R approach refers to Re-inoculate. While this sounds scary, as though your body is at war with itself, it kind of is already when you have a leaky gut. 979 more words