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The bugs made me eat it

Gene for gene, you and I are more microbe than human.  In fact, microbial cells that reside within us outnumber our human cells by ten to one! 1,133 more words


Bacteriophages as a treatment of dysbiosis are something new to me that I haven’t started using with patients yet however it is definitely going to be something I continue to follow.  106 more words


Ironman Year One Episode 39: Free The Animal for a Gut Check - Guest Richard Nikoley

Our guest is a no-nonsense fixture in the paleo/real-food movement. He is the go-to guy on resistant starch, and is currently authoring a major book on the gut biome. 30 more words

Doughboy To Ironman

Prebiotics...Probiotics. What's the difference?

Probiotics have become main stream although many of us don’t really understand what they are or what they do.  Our GI tract naturally contains over 400 different species of bacteria.  240 more words


Health Benefits of Probiotics

Beyond Digestion
& Immunity

Health Benefits of

Probiotic cultures, once known only
for their role in making fermented
foods, have perked the interest of… 2,157 more words

Probiotics: The Micro-Warriors

Our intestines are full of bacteria, both friendly “good” bacteria and not friendly (disease-causing) “bad” bacteria. In order to maintain good health and digestion, we need a ratio of 80% “good” bacteria and 20% “bad” bacteria. 654 more words

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Probiotics and prebiotics - What are they really?

We’ve occasionally read or heard those two terms in magazines, TV shows, nutrition debates etc. Do we really know what they are though?

Probiotics are bacteria that are friendly to our intestines’ environment, but also to the female vagina’s environment. 591 more words

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