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The precariat and the basic income [Part 2]

In my previous post on Guy Standing’s recent talk on the precariat at Goldsmith’s College, I rehearsed his argument about the economic and political changes that created the precariat, the characteristics of precarious life, and the composition of the precariat. 1,175 more words

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The precariat and the basic income [Part 1]

Guy Standing has more than anyone else been responsible, as an academic and an activist, for pushing the concept of the precariat into political discourse, through his books – … 1,423 more words


The Rise of the Precariat

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Nowadays in the era of globalization companies are under more and more pressure to be as nimble and flexible as possible in order to be able to outmaneuver the competition. 434 more words

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If Medicaid Reimbursement Rates Fall And No One Blinks...

On Monday I hunt-and-pecked my way (re; see this) into some punditry about why the temporary pay-bump contained in the Affordable Care Act for providers treating Medicaid patients ended on New Years Day with a whimper and not a bang. 709 more words


Is academia really worth it?

This post was written Dr Kathy McKay,a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of New England. Her work revolves around listening to stories of suicide, healing and resilience within communities and within literature. 1,452 more words

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Social Equality and the Idol of Growth

by Marcel Koníček

I come from the Czech Republic, a country with one of the most equal distributions of wealth in the world. However, even the Czech Republic has recently felt the change in the policies of employment in many parts of the economy that are supposed to raise the competitiveness of the economy on the global markets but which also rob the employees of much of their… 553 more words

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Why Everyone Can’t Be Equal

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Companies that outsource work abroad allow people in the lower classes from more affluent countries to live beyond their means. Such as a middle class family that chooses to bring a maid from the Philippines versus hiring a maid from a company in their own country. 904 more words

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