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My doubts about the 'sharing' economy

On Twitter, my friend Dougald Hine brought Susie Cagle’s comic-laced article, ‘The Case Against Sharing: On Access, Scarcity, and Trust,’ to my attention. In this post, Cagle argues that the ‘sharing’ economy is only nominally so. 445 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Drop it [business costs] like it's hot

And you thought Sinn Féin had silly economic policies. Young Fine Gael dropped a policy document on Thurdsay which included lots of wordy and worthy-sounding proposals. 1,166 more words


68. Getting told not to be so stochastic.

A new design to discourage revolving door admissions

If you don’t use sub-headings nowadays, people will laugh at you. Reports, for instance, need to be have all the paragraphs and lines numbered. 881 more words


Denizenship and refugeeism

by Shiori Nabeshima

In the sliding-down society, as Anne Allison expressed the Japanese circumstances, once people slip off to the bottom, it is hard to climb up to recover the former situation. 382 more words


Minimum Wage Vs Living Wage

We see a lot in the media lately about living wage, minimum wage and the ‘cost of living crisis’ but what is the reality of life as an adult on the basic wage? 996 more words